Fall Trends…You probably Already Own!

Seriously ladies, fall is fabulous for fashion. But that doesn’t mean you have to go all out every single season. You may already have all these gems in your closet.

Fall collection: Gabriele Colangelo

I’ve been scouring the runways looking at trends and favourites for this season- and from there decided to scope out my own closet. I found just what I needed!

First things first; Camel color is back! Yes ladies, designers have brought this neutral back and I’m so happy for that. Almost every designer has this color in their fall collection. The only one who stayed true to black and white this season was Balmain (but their styles are always to die for- no matter what color; so they get a pass).

What else did I find? Let me list these for you:

Square-toe boots


Long prairie dresses

Velvet in rich colors

Slip dresses- especially skirts

Small handbags (Yup…time to stash away the big bags)

These are just a few!

To see more, why don’t you check out my styling video here: CLICK

to see what I found in my closet.

Hint hint…

How are you fun styling your Autumn?

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  1. I had forgotten “prairie dresses.” This article got me thinking about how I need to pull some old faves out of my closet and restyle them. ❤️

    1. Perfect!! With all this fast fashion I truly believe we’ve got to revamp what we already own! Thanks!

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