Fabulous Friday’s Linkup Party!

NOTE: Would you love to be part of my series: CONFESSIONS OF ANOTHER FASHIONISTA? If you are interested in sharing with us your style, fashion or lifestyle as a woman in midlife, I would love to interview you! This can be as a written interview, or, Podcast (which is a blast I assure you!). Please email me, comment, or send me a DM on Insta for details (so many places to reach me!). Thank you so much in advance!

Happy Friday Lovies! Time for some looks, challenges, vintage and another gorgeous weekend ahead!

Monday started with a Thrifty Six collab- this happens every 3rd Monday of the month- and I love it!

You can check out all our looks HERE

Tuesday was low-key, but Wednesday it was a dress theme for Wear It Wednesday on Instagram. I wore this fabulous vintage one I got from La Retro Girl- she seriously has some mean pieces! And- once again, this is Not a two-piece it’s a dress!

Finally…Could I really end the week without showing you the last (but not least) of my fabulous chiffon dusters?! Didn’t think so! How precious is this baby blue babe? And that concludes my looks for the week!

I also shared a doggy food recipe I make for my Charlie, up on Instagram. If you’re interested in making your pup’s meals mre tasty, I highly recommend you add this delicious recipe to his kibble:

I basically fry some minced meat (veal, pork, beef), and some chicken livers in one pan. In another I boil carrots, celery, bell peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, sweet potatoes and also some Arborio rice. I mash it all together and then store it in a tupperware in the fridge. I make enough for one week. What I do is add one big scoop to his kibble and mix it up together. Charlie loves it!

What have you been styling up this week (or cooking!)?

Time for my FAVOURITE FASHION DIVA from last week’s Linkup Party!!

Jill from Doused in Pink –

How gorgeous does she look in this adorable pink gingham dress??! I’m in love with this look for the summer!

pink gingham midi dress

My FAVOURITE READ from last week’s Linkup Party:

Mireille of Chez Mireille Fashion Travel Mom

Loved reading about this travel post and all her outfits- but what I loved most was reading about her and Jodie of Jtouchofstyle meeting up at the airport! I just love reading about blogger meetups! I’m in Canada, and I find it so hard to get to meet some of my blogger friends in person because of the distance. I almost envy all my US friends who get to do this on the regular. So if anyone ever decides to do a blogger meetup- please let me know and I hope to come along too:)

And now!! It’s time for FABULOUS FRIDAY’S LINKUP PARTY!!!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!


Have a great weekend!!

(Can’t wait to talk to you next week…it’s gonna be my BDay! xxx)

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    1. Hi Lauren:) That’s exactly what it is! Love wearing vintage pieces in a modern more trendy way. Thanks!

  1. What a lovely baby blue chiffon cover up, Lucy! I love it! And you styled in such a fun way. I am cracking up because I featured both Jill and Mireille on my blog today as well! Great minds really do share great taste and great style! Happy weekend, my friend!


    1. I saw that earlier on your post!! We do think alike and besides- those were great blog posts! Have a great weekend xx

  2. Love the pink and blue cover-ups, Lucy! And that you take such great care of Charlie! Happy weekend!

    xx Darlene

  3. Happy Friday, Lucy! I love your dress-that-doesn’t-look-like-a-dress! How fun are all your dusters too?? I know, I would love to meet more bloggers, but even just getting off Vancouver Island is SO expensive and time-consuming. Sigh.

    If you’re ever game, I will happily participate in your interview series again! I hope you get loads of takers! I’m excited to hear you and Michelle (I see her comment above). Yay!

    Take care and have a good week ahead! Thanks so much for the link-party!

    1. Thanks Sheila! And yes, I get you about the travel…it seems so much easier in the US compared to us. Of course I’ll interview you again! I have a few people that have sent me messages, so I’m excited and now Michelle here too! Have a great rest of the week!

  4. That duster is so pretty and I love the blue color of it! Ohh, I’ll have to share that doggy recipe with my brother and SIL, they love to spoil their English bulldog!


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