Fabulous Friday’s Linkup Party- Fashion, Birthday Recap and More!

Last week I told you I’d be giving you a quick recap of my 60th Bday party given to me by my kids…and that I had another surprise….

So let’s start with the Bday! It was a very intimate and lovely affair in my backyard. My soon to-be daughter-in-law orchestrated the whole thing and it was so pretty!

So that’s a bit of the beautiful decor and scenery- and some of my family. The last one is of my mother-in-law, who is the sweetest, she was emotional about it all.

AND- I want to THANK ALL OF YOU who took the time from your busy lives to wish me a Happy Birthday- feeling so blessed!

As for the surprise…Some people could not make it…One of my daughters wasn’t there, and I was babysitting her son…because the great news is that on this very day, Angelina Rose was born! My third grandbaby, first girl! Sharing Leo love and power with her Nonna- me!!

I have to hide her face as my daughter is so against babies on social media- sorry!

I am thrilled! So if you notice I’m very MIA these days, it’s due to grandma duty! So PLEASE don’t be upset if you don’t see me hopping over to your blog or site- I don’t mean to shun, I promise!!

Despite all my baby busyness, I still am managing to kick off the weekend in a bit of style! Gonna try to style up rompers next week, before the summer disappears. Here’s me with this fun one. The thing I love about rompers is their versatility. I know we usually tend to wear them in the summer, but they can easily transition you into fall just by adding tights and even booties! I’ll be doing this all week- won’t you join me in this fun styling?

Moving right along to my Fabulous Friday Linkup Party! And I’m starting off with my FAVOURITE FASHION DIVA from Last Week’s Linkup Party!

Michelle from My Bijou Life Online! Look at how Sassy she looks- and of course I am totally partial to an orange belt (I’d wear mine with anything!) And her pooch is the cutest!!

My FAVOURITE READ from last week’s Linkup Party is by: Angie (I love this name!! my new baby granddaughter!!)- no digressing! Angie of My True Self Blog…for her post on age and style: Why is the Focus of This Blog Your True Self? I loved reading this as she also

And now it’s TIME my Lovies for FABULOUS FRIDAY’S LINKUP PARTY!! Are you READY?!!!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!


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  1. Oh my goodness, Lucy, congratulations on the arrival of sweet Angelina Rose! You are all aglow! I hope you are able to enjoy all of the precious moments with her. Blogging will still be here! What a lovely party as well. You can tell how loved you are by your family. And of course, I am loving your outfits! That romper is really something special!


  2. Yay, Happy Birthday to you (again), Lucy, and a Happy Birth Day to your new grandbaby! How lovely to share the day with her. What a lovely set-up you had, and to spend that time with your family. Wonderful memories, I’m sure.

    You look stellar in that romper! I have trouble with them (and jumpsuits) due to a long body and big boobs – they are always so crotch-tacular on me, lol!

    Thank you so much for the link-party! Take care and enjoy your grandma-hood!

    1. Thanks Sheila! And that jumpsuit description has me in stitches!! YOu are so fun always xx

  3. Hi, Lucy – Congratulations and happy birthday all in one! How blessed to have your beautiful granddaughter following your path in life with a same-day birthday. You two will have so much in common. My name is actually Angeline so it’s even closer than you thought. 😉 And thank you for the privilege of being featured as Your Favorite Read of the week! XO – Angie, http://www.yourtrueselfblog.com

  4. What a lovely birthday set-up! And a big congratulations on your third grandbaby. Someday, I might have one, too! Lol! Thanks for sharing your wonderful celebration.

    xx Darlene

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