The Thrifty Six in Velvet

When it comes to garments and fashion, for me it’s primarily about texture, print and pattern.  This fun quilted, velvet jacket has it all!  I found this gem at an estate sale where the lady in question had 2 of these magnificent 80’s jackets.  I only turned around a moment to let my friend know where I was that one of the jackets had already gone- before I could even glance at which one I’d prefer!  I guess this was the one meant to be.  It’s a tad big on me, but I make it work!  It has to work!

I layered the jacket over a lace-sleeved jumpsuit. The belt is one I wear often- I love that it picks up on the burgundy velvet while adding a bit of lame and design into the mix. Added these ever-so-comfy and plush velvet booties, and the look came together- love it!

Now let’s check out my Thrifty Six Fashionista Friends to see how they styled up their Velvet!

Emma of Style Splash

“I love wearing velvet in autumn and winter as it’s such a luxurious fabric. I have several velvet jackets – almost all of them preloved. This deep red one only cost a few pounds from a charity shop. It’s a great way to dress up jeans and boots!”

Grace of Graceful Rags

“I knew right away when the velvet theme was announced that I wanted to style this gorgeous, fish-like dress. When I first saw it hanging at the end of a clothing rack in my favorite thrift store, I thought it was the funkiest looking piece – and not necessarily in a good way. But then I tried it on… and absolutely fell in love. It fits perfectly, is incredibly flattering, and has a mix of so many fun details – sequins, mesh, and velvet leopard print. Someone please give me an excuse to wear this out!!”

Jane of Preloved-Vintage-Handmade

Velvet, gateway to the fourth dimension…Gaze into the depth of a velvet gown and feel its intensity…the dramatic absorption of light is total and absolute…it holds secrets – a gateway to the fourth dimension? Sumptuous, regal and luxurious, reserved for the twilight hour…its a mystical enigma desired and cherished throughout time…Can you tell I love it!!!!”

Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style

“I really had to dig deep into my media library for something thrifted in velvet. I knew I had a dress but I wasn’t sure if I had ever photographed it because I actually didn’t like the dress at all. And I sold that dress years ago. So I could not find a photo. I scrolled through all my photos and finally….finally……there was this dress with velvet polka dots on it! That’s all I have in velvet. I don’t like velvet, it feels weird and, well I just don’t know, I don’t like it. Never have and never will. But I am glad I found a bit of velvet on this gorgeous wrap dress.”

Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge

“I found this burgundy velvet blazer at a thrift shop about 15 years ago and I have worn it every fall and winter since I acquired it for just a few dollars. I cannot remember what I paid for it but it was less than $10. I have definitely gotten my money’s worth on this piece! My dress is a recently thrifted acquisition that worked perfectly with my velvet blazer and tall velvet boots.”

The Thrifty Six is a group of international fashion influencers who meet once a month in our little space on the internet to share our thrifty outfits. On the third Monday of every month, we will all share an outfit based on a theme that features preloved wardrobe pieces. Shopping and reselling preloved clothing is so much better for the environment and you can find some of the best fashions in thrift or charity shops. The Thrifty Six are here to inspire you to shop second hand! 

The Thrifters:

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  1. Love all these velvet looks! Lucy, your outfit is perfection, my friend. Love that jacket and you did make it work!

    xx Darlene

  2. Oh wow, Lucy, I love the way you styled this amazing jacket! What a fabulous find, too. All the beautiful vibrant colors really make for a very soul inspiring outfit, my friend!


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