November! Fabulous Friday’s Linkup Party

The month before Christmas! Ok- sorry- did not want to bring that up just yet. Would you feel better if I rephrased that to ‘Welcome to Scorpio Month!’ Powerful energy my friends (I should know I’m surrounded by them- gotta love’em!). But the thing I really love about November? That extra one hour of sleep and up nice and early- no problem!

Are you a November ‘Fall-back’ hater or lover?

The Month of November 2021: Holidays, Full Moon, Recipes, and More | The  Old Farmer's Almanac

Let’s talk fashion, shall we! Fashion books that is! No no this is not a review post (coming soon). Today, I wanted to talk to you about how I go about selecting great books to read. Well actually, to listen to – y’all know I only do Audible these days;)

Here are my tips for selecting great books to read on Audible:

1- Head on over to your nearest book store and browse- for awhile…until you find the books that you think you’d really like to read.

2- From there, snap some pics, so you can remember the titles and what the book covers look like. You can even jot notes in your phone.

3- Go home and download on Audible! I could just do the browsing online right- why bother taking the trip to the bookstore, you might wonder? I think it’s important, because I need to see if the book contains any important info such as maps and images or illustrations! I may need them for my teaching or personal reference; at which point I may decide I’d be better off with the hard copy.

Mind you…Audible says that there’s a pdf that usually comes with every download- BUT for the life of me I can’t find where it downloads!!


On my way to Chapters Indigo!

Here’s my selection so far of what I’m planning to read (not all at the same time!)…slowly but surely. In no particular order:

Have you read any of these?? LEAVE ME A COMMENT with your opinion, or more recommendations!

I’ll keep you posted! Make sure to tune in this coming MOnday for my Collaboration with my Fashionista Friends on STYLISH MONDAY!

Meanwhile…Here’s My FAVOURITE FASHION DIVA from Last Week’s Linkup Party:

Nicole of HIGH LATITUDE STYLE for her gorgeous looks in BROWN (with some black)! Brown is definitely the new Black. Hands down.

influencer in brown with black sweater and coat, brown shoes, pantyhose, black leather skirt

My FAVOURITE READ from Last Week’s Linkup Party:

Loved reading that she’s finally got her routine back! Michelle from MY BIJOU LIFE ONLINE. Oh and check out the bag!!

Are you ready for the party my Lovies?? It’s time for FABULOUS FRIDAY’S LINKUP PARTY!!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!


Snuggling with my Angelina… Wishing you a weekend filled with snuggles too, my Lovies- Bisous!

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    1. The jacket is vintage! And the photo is at my daughter’s house- it was our family piano and she played!

  1. I really like that beautiful jacket! I like browsing books in person too, although I don’t buy them as I always browse and borrow at the library, haha! I’ve tried audible but I prefer reading the page so I just borrow the books from the library or my house would be overrun with books, ha!

    Hope that you are having a good weekend! It’s a cold and wet day here! Thanks for the link up!

  2. Great tips on Audible! I only recently started using it and while I still like to actually read, it’s nice to use it to find time to read more books each month!

  3. I am totally hooked on the Trinny&Susanah books, love to read and forget everything around me. Have a great Sunday, sorry I am late to the party. Need to subscribe with my other mail.

    1. Oh yes! I swore I’d get to read those one day- it’s been so long but I need to read them!! Great choice- Thanks!

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