Festive and Casual…No Rules- December! Fabulous Friday…

That’s right, when December strikes there are no rules for sparkle and shine- anytime! I don’t know who said that, or if it’s even a thing, but I’m going with it!

Can anything be better than feeling like you’re celebrating and glowing all day long? That’s what sparkle does for me- even when wearing black. Give yourself permission to feel the joy, not only for spiffing up to go out on the town; do it for everyday, on a casual day. Instant mood booster- I guarantee.

Here I am starting off the week with somewhat of a festive look due to this amazing brocade blazer that’s got the ultimate blue shine in the fabric itself. Loving it with this multi-lame-yarn top; a pair of velvet pants; and brocade velvet boots. Wanted to show you that you can achieve sparkle even if only with dark colours:

Here’s another simple way to wear your sparkles on the daily; get yourself a dark sparkly top (black or navy is great for this)- and wear it with velvet yoga pants and some heels. Great for the office, or on the go- in my case, teaching!

The top looks silver here, but it’s actually navy.

And if black is your go-to-mantra colour? Or like in my case, a must-wear uniform? Spiff it up with some bling-y top or pants. I wore sequin pants with a black turtleneck and the look was never understated, but certainly sublime (even with a mask ughh!).

More festive-casual looks coming your way next week…or something that gives me that #dopaminestyling feeling!

Now, about last week’s linkup…As it seems, mine had a major glitch…so that’s not fair to all those who wanted to linkup but couldn’t! And Thanks so much to all those who reached out to let me know- I truly apologize -I couldn’t do anything about it!! But…You Can LINK UP NOW!!!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!


Have a great weekend!! xx

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  1. Love your version of all-black, Lucy. Never understated sums it up perfectly! Love the blue suede boots and Mary Jane heels–fabulous with your outfits!

    xx Darlene

  2. I so get that about sparkly garments, Lucy! December is always a sparkly month for me, as I get to wear my most shiny and dopamine-releasing clothes! I LOVE that brocade jacket – just drooling over it. You are my sparkle hero! thanks for the link-party!

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