Fashionable Friday- Summer Joy and a Linkup Party

School is out – bring on the summer! How is it that this feeling of summertime rush and joy when school is out, just never gets old? I’ve had it since I was a little girl and every summer it always comes back. Maybe it’s because I’m a teacher, so I keep reliving it lol!

Here’s my teacher-is-out-for-the-summer look. Don’t you find these large black frames are so nerdy-good?!

I feel totally Guccified in this amazing jacket by La Retro Girl. I layered it over this gingham fave dress of mine.

I also love that these red/black/white polka-dotted sandals I wear on the repeat are just so on point with this flippin’ outfit.

Let’s not forget jewelry!

Everything about this look is about fun and no rules (just like end of school!), when it comes to print mixing. Of course we can’t forget about the jewelry- so here’s a fun red-gemstone necklace I just re-found in my stash- and my topaz lucky charm ring. I’ll always love these pieces!

I am So ready for summer fun…Maybe it’s not only because school is out though…

Maybe it’s because I’m a Leo girl and birthday season is almost here? Yay!

In our big fat family, we celebrate lots of birthdays during summer! Last week our first one was my grandson James’ birthday!

In first photo, from the left: my grandsons James, Zach, and my youngest daughter, Sophia (you can see my eldest daughter Maria, James’ mom, in the corner left!). And that’s my handsome hubby jumping in for a quick photo as my grandchildren are totally absorbed by that cake lol!!

Another great thing about summer is how this is also a preferred time to travel. And after two hard years and more of a pandemic- we can finally get out there and visit the people we want to see! I haven’t traveled yet for the summer- but I was so happy that for my first time, an Insta friend of mine decided to visit Montreal!

Anna of Annazzon and I met two years ago on Instagram- we both share a love of vintage. We chatted over crepes and coffee and time flew by too fast. We will have to do this again soon!

And finally also had a chance to get together with my brother for some good old family catch up. It was great! I can’t get over how much he’s looking more and more like my dad…(happy sigh).

We met up on a cold rainy day…but hey, I’ll take summer over any other season even when it rains!

On that note: In JULY, this Montreal Styling Diva will be taking a much needed summer break. We’re not there yet- but I wanted to give you a heads-up if you notice that I don’t comment or post all of a sudden! Though, I will be posting one prescheduled post for the Thrifty Six- so look out for that one:) But I’m still here for June! My last post will be on June 24th as a reminder.

So let’s get right into our Linkup Party!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

C L I C K H E R E T O E N T E R !!

Have a great weekend- Bisous!

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  1. Love this color and pattern mix and those polka dot shoes are fabulous! Always creative looks! I have been doing mostly thrifting this year with a few store purchases. I enjoy it! Good that you got to meet up with your friend and brother! We are having my family here in NC tomorrow and my brother moved 10 minutes away. I am a former teacher too- Elementary and Music. You? ( I didnt know that!)

    1. Oh Jess- thrifting becomes an addiction- a good one though lol! Yes I’m a college teacher, I teach Fashion (fashion history, fibres & textiles, styling, costume history…). I love it!

  2. What a fabulous outfit, Lucy! I love the print mixing…such fun! And, what a lovely family! Luckily, our family birthdays are spread out throughout the year! It’s easier on the wallet that way! Oh, I remember the last days of school as being hectic and nerve wracking…we had to pack up our entire classrooms so the custodians could do the summer deep cleaning…on top of having to post final grades! I didn’t realize you were a teacher, Lucy! Enjoy your summer! I loved summers off…around here, the kids only get about six weeks off. But, they get two weeks in October, two in December, and two in March/April. But, that’s still a really short break! Thanks for the link party!!

    1. Thanks Marsha! I’m meeting so many former teachers here- didn’t know! The breaks sure are worth it- that’s so true. Loving summer breaks most. Have a great weekend xx

  3. Hi, Lucy – This post is so full of exuberance! It must be from school’s out/summer fun. Each of the pieces in your print-mix outfit don’t appeal to my taste separately, but the way you put them all together is awesome. I love it. Thanks for showing how to create true style – Angie,

  4. Your excitement about summer is contagious! Love the combination of bright florals against gingham. Have a good weekend

  5. Lucy, what a fun outfit to end the school year! You look so ready for summer fun! And those black frames are sooo good. They are very Iris Apfel and you wear them oh so well, my friend! It was so lovely to see your beautiful family in these photos! Enjoy your break and all of your summer travels.


    1. Thanks so much Shelbee! I’m a huge fan of Iris- so she’s definitely my inspiration for styling. I try to post my family every once in awhile- but let’s just say there are just too many events with them these days, that I just can’t help myself lol! xx

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