Attending a Paris Fashion Show

A Paris Fashion Show

Ever felt like attending a Paris fashion show, but didn’t know where to start looking? If you’re not really part of the fashion industry, you may feel left out or unaware, since most events won’t be directly announced to you. But there is still a way of attending certain events that are for the general public- and these can sometimes be all you need to get the full gist of trends and what is happening in the fashion scene. This time in Paris, I thought I’d be on the lookout for how to catch a glimpse of fashion events, creativity, products- with the eye of someone who wants to learn, without being part of the industry per se- like I am! And that’s how the Paris Fashion Project idea was born.

So how do you get to attend a Paris fashion show? One sure way is by scouting some well-renowned department stores! Before leaving for Paris, I looked up a few department stores in Paris and checked out their events (there’s always a fashion show of sorts happening in department stores- especially in the fall). September and October are great months for fashion shows, since it’s right around Fashion Week. And that’s how the Galleries Lafayette fashion show was found.

Book Those Tickets!

We purchased our tickets online and I could not wait to see what would showcase. I was immediately drawn by the theme and concept: Everybody: All Bodies are in Fashion. And the looks were divided into sub-themes, per brands found in the store. Themes included looks based on the past: Vestiaire d’hier, with warm tones and classiness. There was the micro mini for Old School. Everyone theme based on inclusion had androgynous looks. The Wellness theme styled athleisure. And, what I loved most was the Renaissance looks based on second hand restoration or conversions from their Re-Store section of the store. Here’s a short video clip introducing the topic.

The show was held in the Salon Opera and it was filled to capacity.

This is how it looks before events:

My traveling fashionista buddy, Sandra, and I got amazing first-come first serve seats (the line-up was huge). We were exhausted since we had just landed a few hours earlier- but that didn’t stop us from staying on beat and enjoying the event.

Here are some of the photos I shot in between taking notes! Take a look at the outfits below and let me know which is your favourite, and if you can see this reflected in your own city or country.

My Review

This Paris fashion show, with its new trends, new perspectives in design and inclusive target markets, really impressed me. You could get the feeling of what it was that Parisians were shopping for in one of their city’s top department stores. There were noticeable differences from trends and colours happening in Montreal. For instance I noticed that neutrals and dimmer colours were definitely more present here. The trends, although at the height of fashion, were relatively calm and subdued with a definite autumn feel. To be honest, I was expecting something a little more daring or colourful. But then again, this is chic Paris, where loud is never the vibe. I’ll keep that for my segment on Streetwear coming soon!


This was a fun event that made me discover new brands while familiarizing me with Galleries Lafayette’s departments and what they have to offer. In case you’re wondering how to immerse yourself in fashion when in Paris… here’s a link to tickets for Galleries Lafayette’s fashion show– it’s a not-to-be-missed experience!

Here’s a 1 minute clip of the fashion show”

That’s all for now! Coming up next, I’ll be looking at what shopping local in Paris is like. Stay tuned!

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  1. Ooh, that’s so exciting! Thank you for giving us a glimpse behind the curtain, Lucy! I’ve attended a few fashion shows, and they are so much fun!

    Most of the looks there look like what I’ve seen on the street here in BC – tres casual! Not my cup of tea, though!

  2. Except for the one look with the piece of black fabric hanging down, this looks like what you’d see here in the Midwest of the US at any mall on any given day. I’d love that Burberry trench, though! To be honest, I’d love any Burberry trench! What a fun, fun post, Lucy! The closest I’ve come to a fashion show is Project Runway! Maybe someday, though!

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