Shopping Local in Paris

Impossible Not To Shop Local in Paris

Everyone is keen on shopping locally. It’s a no-brainer how it’s a win-win situation for both people and country. For most of us in North America, we really have to search and go out of our way to make this possible. For the most part, especially when it comes to fashion, it’s outsourced, produced out of the country, and imported. We are working hard on changing things, but it’s a slow re-learning and putting-into- practice curve. And then you think of shopping local in Paris…

This is Les Marais- when you get off the train- the first thing you see…

Practically everything, again fashion-wise, is local! Think of all the big brand names; local (well sort of…as lots is also outsourced)! It’s really an eye-opener when you think of how we envision local production: There’s a local designer, who opens up shop somewhere around the city, with all creations made in-house, from creation to production. Tell me you didn’t imagine a small-run operation that you’ve had to seek out (as it may not necessarily be in the heart of the city or easy to get to), and may relatively still be unknown to most. That’s pretty how much how we summarize local.

In Paris, Chanel, Dior, Givenchy…keep naming, means and is, local. Granted, they too have been outsourcing- but still, Parisians believe they are supporting French fashion- after all, these designers are theirs! And, of course they are located right in their department stores- something we can’t even imagine yet for the majority of our local designers. You don’t have to go far, Lafayette, Au Bon Marche and others all carry these big name French designer brands. In fact, department stores such as those just mentioned also carry their fresh, new designers as well. I noticed this right away in the fashion show I attended- Read about that here. So shopping local in Paris is a natural thing, and it comes easy.

So, when it came for me to shop local in Paris- most of it was not difficult at all. Even when it came to ‘the regular’ kind of local! In fact, I went mostly shopping in the Les Marais, Montmartre, and St- Germain districts, and found adorable little boutiques that sold gorgeous original garments that were not over-the-top expensive. Pure pleasure to both browse and endulge. I guess it’s because I found that there really is something for everyone’s taste and budget in Paris. The couture homes have their place, as do the newcomers- and all are there to stay.

I didn’t go crazy shopping- as you know I try to be conscious of over-consumption. That being said, I found the cutest shop in Les Marais, called Daisy’s. This place had such original, fun pieces- I couldn’t just leave them all behind! I found the shopping to be great And I’m sure you’re wondering about the vintage shopping- well, that’s coming in another post very soon. But let me tell you that in Paris, great vintage sits side by side with the big names, and can be found in department stores as well. It’s always a question of quality. I think that’s what I appreciated most.

How I Shopped Local in Paris…

These are a few of the pieces I got while in Paris. I love how original they all are and I know these pieces will live in my closet for a very long time. Their originality makes them classics.

Hand made boots, One-of- a- Kind. I’ve been wanting green boots like forever. Could not have dreamed of a more gorgeous pair!

Here’s a 20 sec. clip where you can see more:

Stay tuned for my next post on shopping fabrics and textiles- coming soon!


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