Fabulous Friday’s Linkup Party and Runway Talk…

(An unusual summer taking place elsewhere this year; definitely different than last year- Even for the Fashion Runway…)

Paris Digital Couture Week was on…not your usual Runway – this season everything took place online. Paris cancelled live shows due to the Pandemic- at least for one season.

So the shows were almost like music videos. For the most part designers kept the clips quite simple; running one minute for most (except for Dior; 10 minutes). Let’s just say…way less exciting (for me at least!)

Women’s fashion ran from Monday to Wednesday and Men’s from Thursday on. Did you get to watch?

Here are some great photos of three of my favourite designer collections.

Dior and dolls this time! Almost reminded me of the Pandora times- when these kind of dolls were the fashion plates of back then…

So Monday’s show began with Dior:

Just unbelievably precious AND…just wondering who gets these afterwards? Ideas???

Next up on Tuesday: CHANEL. More of a Rococo meets punk… I found the line more upbeat and much younger focused. Refreshing and edgy!

Wednesday was for my other favourite: Maison Margiela- by the genius Galliano. So much sheer goodness! I’m crazy for sheer and there was some everywhere in this show!

And how are we on making steps towards Sustainability in the Fashion world? Well, I was especially delighted to learn that both St-Laurent and Gucci (my favourite!!) will opt out of doing 4 shows a year. And, it appears that Mugler has agreed upon this as well. This will reduce so much waste in many ways- so that is definitely a step in the right direction!

Photos Source: https://wwd.com/fashion-news/

Who are your favourite designers?

Onto my Favourite Fashion Diva of the Week! Drum Roll for Ada and her adorable daughter! Of Elegance and Mommyhood

Favourite Blog Post Read of the Week: Suzanne from Crazy Blonde Life Blog’s : The Life of a Small Town Blogger

So happy that this post was featured in IFB on Links a la Mode!!

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Have a Great Weekend Everyone!

33 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday’s Linkup Party and Runway Talk…

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  1. It is interesting seeing these clothing designers and Paris Couture through your eyes Lucy. I will admit that when I was a young adult, Paris Couture really turned off any interest in fashion I may have had. I couldn’t relate. I was 5’2” and curvy. They weren’t talking to me. But now that I am older, I understand that the Runway is really an art form. Of the three designers you highlighted, I think Chanel is my favorite. I do like the edginess in these designs.


    1. I know Michelle, this is the felling for I think most of us! But when you take it as a spin off point, there are so many more possibilities. I love Chanel too!

  2. Hi Lucy,

    I was so disappointed about the shoes being canceled but of course that is not without good reason. Having a love for fashion my entire life it was great seeing the photos you shared from my favorite designers.


  3. Ahh these photos are so fun! And those Dior dolls are TOO cute. I went to see the Dior: From Pairs to the World exhibit at my local museum last winter and it was incredible. So many gorgeous items! I agree that online is definitely not the same though… I attended Denver Fashion Week in the fall (my first fashion show) and it was quite the experience! Would love to go see more shows.

    Miles of smiles,


    1. Oh how lucky are you!! I too find these dolls so adorable. Giving me the history vibes of Pandoras:) Thanks so much!

  4. Lucy, first of all, I love your casual outfit. And thanks for sharing the online runway shows! I meant to watch but couldn’t get to it! I agree it wouldn’t be as fun but since I’m not one of those folks invited at least I could see it! Lol! Have a wonderful weekend.

    xx Darlene

    1. Thanks Darlene- I’m so happy you enjoyed it! I too wish I were one of those invited! Have a wonderful rest of the week xx

  5. Lucy what a great post! I didn’t even think to watch the shows, but I will definitely go and try to find them! I love absolutely all of it and my dream is to be there one day…on the front row of course! Thank you also for featuring my blog…you are so very sweet! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I’m off to find the Paris fashion shows!

    1. What a dream it would really be to attend one of these shows (and like you said: front row lol!), Thanks Suzanne have a great rest of the week xx

  6. Oh wow, so many pretty things! I don’t have a favorite designer, I really just love it all. The crazier the better, in my opinion! Ever since I was a little kid, I have been obsessed with the amazing things that come down the runways. Thanks for linking up!


    1. Same here Shelbee! I’m obsessed with the runway- if only to spark up more ideas on styling! xx

  7. Like Shelbee, I would say I haven’t got a favourite designer. There have been instances where a particular designer has really fired up a couture house, and really significant developments in fashion like “the New Look,” and those things excite me. I like seeing the new season trends and guessing which ones will make their way to the high street. Thanks for the runway update and link up!

    1. There have been so many great designers throughout history that it’s hard to pick just one favourite- but I also find myself fired up as you say when new styling or fabric patterns come up- that really excites me. Thanks xx

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