Every Fashionista Should Take Part in Slow Fashion Season…

Have you heard of Slow Fashion Season (July, August, September)? 

Everyone can do their part without it being complicated or difficult.  Every little bit makes a difference.  Being in fashion, I’ll be the first to admit that temptation is always all around me.  It’s difficult to say no to fast fashion- I so get that!  I’m crazy about new styles, trends, beauty, fashion transformations…you name it.  But honestly- we can no longer turn a blind eye.  There’s actually so much we can do…even if it’s just one small thing at a time.


– Re-fashioning what you already own (if you can’t sew, mend or craft- rather than pay for new; pay for a seamstress).

– swap parties

– thrifting

– borrowing

– selling it 

– giving it away  

– buying local

buying quality that lasts! In other words; Consider giving it thoughtYes: Thought. Meaning, if you really must buy new- then go into it with logic.  Check for great quality and durability- things must last!  Ask yourself how many times you plan on wearing the item (if it’s just for one time…give it up).  Yes, that may mean spending a bit more (or even maybe a lot more)- but look at it as an investment. If you know this will be worn a lot- and that you don’t intend ever ridding yourself of it…then isn’t that worth the money?

All this is possible without saying good-bye to great styling and fashionable looks.  Trust me!  All you need is some creativity. And, today no one can get away with saying they have no ideas…who are we kidding?!  Social media is FILLED with ideas.  We can do this.  The time is now.

Will you join Slow Fashion Season?  There’s still time😊

Website:                      www.slowfashionseason.org 

Instagram:                    https://www.instagram.com/slowfashionseason/ 

Facebook:                    https://www.facebook.com/collactionsfs/

Facebook event:            https://www.facebook.com/events/3207779055910660/

#Confessionoftheday: When I buy new, I really do buy quality that lasts, and that is locally made (whatever the country I’m in)- and that can include high end designer. That does mean I end up paying a pretty penny for it- but I’ve never regretted any of those pieces. For me, that’s another side of sustainability.


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20 thoughts on “Every Fashionista Should Take Part in Slow Fashion Season…

Add yours

  1. I am actually hoping to do well with controlling my shopping this month: I really do not need anything, I have to spend money for school supplies and such so it is the perfect opportunity to shop my closet. Started this week with pulling tops I hadn’t worn in a while to style in a different way.

    1. MIreille, I think that’s great that you will be shopping your closet- pulling tops is the fastest and surest way you’ll find something to style up! Thanks for stopping by xx

    1. Same here Jill! I love shopping so when I do, it does have to last (almost forever lol!). Thanks xx

  2. I’ve never heard of Slow Fashion having a season, I give away clothes every few weeks and I go through spells where I try to buy thrifted clothes, but I don’t have a lot of time to go round the different shops so maybe this is one for when I’m retired. I buy quite a few things from Etsy and eBay so that counts as thrifted, right? Great to highlight slow fashion Lucy.

    1. Hi! Slow fashion is in- and it’s just recently that they’ve made the ‘season’ a thing! I guess word needs to go around and make an impact. Yes- shopping Etsy and Ebay do count lol!! Thanks xx

  3. I love the idea of slow fashion and have been following several bloggers that I recently found who share their ideas. I have always mixed pre-loved items into my closet and am trying to move even more in that direction. I actually love the treasure hunting experience of thrift and consignment shopping! Thanks for sharing and thank you for stopping by the Style Wise link up today!

    1. Hi beautiful Cheryl! I do lots of mixing of new and preloved as well- I so understand that thrill of the thrift lol! Thanks so much xx

  4. I haven’t really bought much throughout Covid, it just doesn’t seem to make sense if I am at home a lot. I have been wearing items I don’t wear a lot in my closet, which has been nice and almost like wearing new things! 🙂


    1. Hi Carrie! Same here! It really does feel like you’re wearing new when you pull out things you forgot you even had! Thanks xx

  5. What a fabulous idea, great for today’s climate of hardly going out. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Jacqui x

  6. i think this is a great idea, although I’ve never tried ti myself. I’ve done buy nothing new month and no buy July a couple times though, I think anything that helps slow down spending and encourages you to come up with new ways to wear things you already own is a good idea! 🙂

    Hope you had a great weekend! Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup!

    1. Oh I so agree with you Mica! Rethinking your closet pieces gets your creative styling juices going!

    1. Good for you- that’s so the way to do it!! Thanks for reading and I love your comment:)

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