Fabulous Friday Linkup Party…And This Weekend is For Celebrating!

Friday means the weekend is here and I’m about to celebrate!  On Monday I turned 59- and this Sunday we’re gonna try to celebrate that with my family…let’s see how the social distancing thing will allow us to do that lol!

Birthdays are always a fun time and this year I’m not really feeling the closing off of my fifties…Believe it or not, I can’t wait to turn 60.  I’m not gonna try to savour 59 as much as I can- I want it to go by fast- is that weird? 

For me, I find the older I get, the more I get to do what I want to do.  I’m getting closer and closer to freedom and dreams coming to reality.  Not that I have super idealistic dreams- I’m just tasting all the possibilities; which actually involve doing the things that I’ve waited so long to do (or have the time to do!).  I think my sixties are gonna be fun…so for now, 59, bring it on because this girl needs things to move fast- loves a change and turning pages for the new. I’m on board!

Stay tuned next Friday for a little recap of my Bday weekend!

And now for my Favourite Fashion Diva Linkup of the week:

Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style Blog

This black and white look is everything!!

My favourite Linkup read of the week was by Grace of Graceful Rags Blog for her post:  Packing for College in the Age of Coronavirus

AND NOW…Are you ready for the Link Up Party?!!!

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Have a Great Weekend Everyone!

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  1. I turned 60 last month. I don’t think about it much, I just keep doing what I love as much as I can. I can tell a difference but I also cherish all the opportunities. Hope you have a happy birthday weekend!

    1. Hi Cheryl:) You look amazing!! I can’t wait to turn the decade over to the 60’s lol! I think it’s going to be fabulous! Had a wonderful Birthday – thanks so much! xx

    1. Oh Nancy so happy to have featured you! Love your style always! We had a great Sunday and so much fun (and then the rain came pouring down!! Made it just in time to cut the cake:) Thanks so much!

  2. What a beautiful dress! I love the 50s vibes and the pretty floral print. Looking great Lucy!!

    Have a Great Weekend!!

  3. Super excited for your birthday recap and I hope you savor every second this weekend of celebrating with those you love! My wish for you is that every day is as beautiful in heart and soul as you are!

    1. Andrea my beautiful friend!! Always such kind and wonderful wishes for me!! Thank you so much!!! Will keep you posted xx

  4. Happy almost 59th birthday! I passed the 6-0 threshold some time ago, and like Cheryl, don’t think about it much. Except to enjoy and appreciate each day as much as possible! Sounds like your philosophy, Lucy! Lol! Have a wonderful time celebrating.

    xx Darlene

    1. Hi Darlene! I’m one of those who gets excited about being a year older (well now that is…probably not that much when I was in my 30’s- can you even believe that?) But now I’m super excited for the new decade awaiting me:) Thank you so much xx

  5. Happy, happy birthday to you! Your words about growing old ring so true with me. I’m a late bloomer and just keep growing more and more comfortable in my own skin and with doing my own thing. Wishing you a wonderful weekend celebrating and a fabulous next trip around the sun!

    1. Hi Natty:) I think you nailed it! It’s that I too am feeling more comfortable in my own skin and also keep getting better at doing my own thing as well!! Thank you so much for your Birthday wishes xx

  6. Happy belated birthday! My grandma always used to tell me she couldn’t wait to turn 80 because then she could say anything she wanted and no one would dare bat an eye at her.. and I remember my best friend at the time turning to her and asking “you don’t do that now??” It was so funny!

    1. Hahahaha!! That’s too funny and super adorable!! I wanna be her at 80! Thanks so much for the good wishes! xx

    1. Thanks so much Michelle for the good wishes and the compliments!! You always make my day! Freedom is everything! xx

  7. Enjoy your weekend celebrations Lucy! I admire your positive approach towards the big 6-0. I am heading there later this year and I must confess I wasn’t looking forward to it. Thanks for the link up!

    1. Oh!! The 60’s are going to be fabulous, you’ll see- I’m sure of it!! Thanks so much my friend xx

    1. Thanks so much Jill!! I’m getting back to you the day right after – so here’s to letting you know first hand that it was super fun! xx

    1. Thank you Amy!! Yes, I think every year brings forth more confidence and more freedom:) xx

  8. What a cute dress! A very happy belated birthday to you!

    Hope that you are having a great weekend celebrating with friends and family 🙂

  9. Hi Lucy!
    I am a bit late to the party! Speaking of celebrating, I have been busy planning my mom ‘s 76th and nieces 10th birthday that we had this past weekend. It was so fun! Happy Birthday to you! I love the pretty floral on you, you look great. I don’t worry about getting older that much either. 🙂
    jess xx

    1. Jess- you must be sooo busy!! Thank you for the good wishes! And I think getting older feels super comfy to me:) See ya later this week as I hop on over xx

  10. Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady! I’m not quite ready to be in my 60’s yet, but I’m loving your positive outlook on things! I am excited for what the future has to hold and watching you just makes me more excited! Hope your birthday has been the best!

    1. Hi Suzanne! Thanks so much! My birthday was lots of fun! I truly am excited to see what the 60’s will bring me- but for now I better enjoy my last year in the 50’s lol! Have a great week xx

  11. Thanks so much for the feature, Lucy! And happy birthday! I love that you’re excited for your 60s. I feel like so many people hate growing older, which has always made me sad, and while I still don’t know if I’ll be like that as I age myself, I hope I have the great attitude that you have! Cheers to finally being able to do everything you want to!

    Miles of smiles,


    1. Hi Sweetness! Yes, the way I see it is that there’s no way to stop this age thing so you may as well go for the ride of your life (especially now that there’s more time to do so!). Thanks so much xx

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