Fashionphile Focus #7: When Fashion is Your Muse- Part 2

It would be impossible for me to speak about Fashion as my Muse without any reference to historical attire.  As we all know, everything in fashion repeats itself; or comes back in some form or another.

Designers are always referring to the past when they create- And what a rich source of inspiration that can be! Alexander McQueen was notorious for doing this!  He loved Victorian and Gothic fashion and it can be seen in his own designs. 

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How does this even relate to us?? These designs are at the very top of creativity. These are a springboard for all other creatives to base themselves on and to produce garments that have a nuance or taste of these beauties. Consequently, they create tones or patterns or cuts that we can actually wear and keep looking trendy.

Hard to imagine? Not really-You already own some of these ‘historical fashion’ items!  Let’s see; do you own…

Flair sleeve tops?

Bell sleeve tops?

Ruffled blouses?

Hoop skirts?

Long dresses or skirts?

Velvet pants or jacket?

Chunky gold accessories?

Platform shoes?

Ankle booties?


Button-down vests or jackets?


High-collar shirts?


Lace (something or other)?

This list can go on and on!!

So it’s no wonder that designers need to rehash what has already been done and bring back with a twist of their own.  From there, the rest of us will end up buying (or thrifting!) diluted forms of these creations. So why not take some of those incredible elements and bring them into our own styling?

 Here are more designers getting inspired by history:

Dior’s Rococo

The genius, Galliano and his take:


And- I could not write about this without making note of fashion’s all-time bad boy- who also plucked his creativity straight from the past…Here are some of Jean Paul Gauthier’s creations.

When his Exhibit came to Montreal, I just had to go!  Here’s a mini clip of one magnificent ‘caged’ creation taken right out of the ‘pallier’ times.

And as for myself, I can’t really pinpoint which part of the history inspired my own two dresses (for when my daughters got married both in the same year- 3 months apart). But I know that the inspiration and idea of these two designs (I helped co-create) were definitely a spin-off from the past. What do you think?

STAY TUNED for the last part of this Fashion is My Muse Edition, for next week when I highlight my Historical Muses…You’re gonna love them!

Here’s a glimpse:

#Confessionoftheday: My go-to inspiration will forever be a fantastically dramatic sleeve…and I wonder where I got that inspiration from…past life for sure lol!



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27 thoughts on “Fashionphile Focus #7: When Fashion is Your Muse- Part 2

Add yours

    1. I’m such a goner for a great sleeve- bring me all the drama lol! And- of course I’ve added you Suzanne- I love what you write about!! And it’s wonderful that we can link up to eachother’s posts! Have a great rest of the week xx

    1. Thank you Rosemary! Those two dresses were worn 3 months apart…Still can’t believe my daughters did that to me!! xx

  1. I love so many of the details you talk about here. All your pictures are so fun and remind us of where our love for fashion might have started. Having so much fun reading your fabulous blog!

    1. I love sleeves all the time- my faves! I do agree that they really are so trendy right now! Thanks xx

  2. What an amazing post! You have so much knowledge to share! The caged creation was very interesting…
    I guess everything comes back around in some form eventually!

    1. Indeed everything does come back full circle- especially in fashion. Thanks so much for reading- glad you’re enjoying Suzanne xx

  3. Renesance fashion was so romantic. I loved the puffy sleeves and flowing trains. Enjoyed seeing all the photos. Also both dresses you wore to your daughters weddings were fabulous

    Can’t wait to see more……


  4. Love the statement sleeves on your dresses! it’s so interesting seeing how some styles are influenced by the past, yet made with a more modern spin!

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! The new link up is live on my blog now, I’d love you to join again. 🙂

    Hope that you had a lovely weekend! 🙂 Despite the wild and wet weather we did get to go out to see the results of our family photo shoot the other week and pick some photos to put up on the wall.

  5. What a beauty you are! I love those gorgeous dresses on you. The champagne one and the sleeves on the stunning pewter dress, so pretty! I love seeing fashion derived from inspiration of the past. THe Givenchy pic is calling my name ! 🙂
    thanks for linking
    jess xx

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