Fabulous Friday’s Linkup- Dreaming of a Sunshiny Getaway…

We’re in mid July, for us Montrealers that means half the summer is already gone.  For me, summer also means getting away.  I love going to Greece, and I’ve shared my thoughts about that on Instagram, and I know I’ve mentioned before how much I also love Florida- even in the summertime!  And I especially miss it this year!! That intense Florida heat feels like gold to my bones- and the ocean sound, it’s truly music to my ears.  I love that the water is warm and gentle in the summer- and that every place indoors is a cool haven after a beachy day.  This year it’s different because of this Pandemic- and for Floridians as well…

All this to say that although I love Greece so much, a fashionista like myself thrives, and prefers, perusing the great stores of the US.  I love to see what’s in and not- and how different it might be to the styles and trends back home.  I think it’s safe to say that Florida is a shopper’s paradise. But this year…I’m staying in Montreal. Keeping safe and masked up.

Here’s reminiscing to warm nights by the pool and perfect lobby selfies…in a beautiful flowy yellow top I got back in …Greece lol!!

What are you replacing vacays with?

This week’s Favourite Fashion Diva is: Gail from Is This Mutton Isn’t she just fabulous in this print mix??  Classy and edgy all in one! Love me a great black & white print mix with fuschia!

Favourite Blog Post Read of the Week:  Grace from Graceful Rags for her post entitled: The Best and Worst Parts of Fashion Blogging. She speaks the truth- and it so resonated with me. Go read this Fashionista’s great post!

AND NOW…Are you ready for the Link Up Party?!!!

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Have a Great Weekend Everyone!

41 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday’s Linkup- Dreaming of a Sunshiny Getaway…

Add yours

    1. It honestly depresses me so much not being able to fly anywhere. Well, I guess it will make me appreciate my Canadian areas even more! Thanks Jill xx

    1. Haha!! Yes, I need to do that…while pouring myself an Ouzo cocktail:) Thanks xx

    1. Greece is breathtaking, still raw and genuine. You must go one day! Next to the mountains though is also fabulous! Thanks xx

  1. We are really missing travelling, and like you love Greece and Florida. We mistakenly thought things may revert back to normal so there may be a possibility, but that’s not so at the moment. We are hearing of hotels in Europe not opening up, hence bars and restaurants following suit. Hopefully, things will start to improve soon – said she hopefully. Enjoy your weekend.
    Alison xx

    1. Oh how I hear you Alison! We still must hold back for awhile. Enjoy your weekend too, beautiful xx

  2. Thank you so much for the sweet shout-out, Lucy! I have never been to Greece but I would love to go. It looks so beautiful! I’ve also never been to Florida (I live much closer to the west coast) but I’ll make it there someday. 🙂 Here’s to dreaming!

    Miles of smiles,


    1. Yes here’s to dreaming! And you should definitely plan to go see both those places! Loved featuring you especially that your blog post was so on point. Have a great weekend xx

    2. Definitely missing traveling as well Lucy. Since I do live in Florida, we are taking vacays to the beach. Thankfully it is only an hours drive.

      Greece is definitely on my bucket list!

  3. Sad isn’t it – we were supposed to have been in Greece this month. Let’s hope next summer is full of promise. Thanks for the feature! Very honoured!

    1. I was supposed to go too…there or Florida. What a situation…We have to make the best of it! Have a great weekend xx

  4. I really miss travel. My son and I were headed to South America in May and my husband and I to Spain THIS WEEK, but couldn’t do either. We do live on the coast and have a pool so spend a lot of time in our backyard, thank goodness. But Greece! We loved it so much and have to go back…

    xx Darlene

    1. Oh I so understand! How terrible missing Spain this week! All I tell myself is that I will appreciate travelling so much more when this is all over- nothing for granted anymore!! Thanks Darlene xx

  5. Stay safe Lucy and hope you are able to travel somewhere warm in the not to distant future 🙂

    1. I love that you’re so creative! I’ve been so busy with babies and all- but have to get back into my re-fashioning, art and crochet! I also used to make jewelry but now just upcycle lol! Have a great rest of the week xx

    1. Greece is so laid back and fun- plus it’s guaranteed sunshine every single day (cloudless!) xx

  6. Hi Lucy! I hope you get to travel soon! I think I would take Greece over almost anywhere right now! We’re leaving for the beach tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to having some down time…with 2 dogs 3 daughters, 2 son-in-laws and 1 husband…we’ll see how that goes! Happy Saturday!

    1. I’m a bit late in answering this- so you are already on this fun vacay (with your whole crew!) For sure you are having a great time!! Enjoy xx

    1. Yes- dreaming of Greece is just about all we can do when it comes to travel this year! Have a great rest of the week xx

    1. Oh you’re welcome Jacqui- makes me happy to gather such a wonderful group of like-minded women in a place where we can all share some of our thoughts and finds:) xx

  7. Some day when they lift the travel bans I do hope to visit Greece as well as more of Europe. I always bring home momento’s of the fashioninspirations from where I’ve been to remind me of my vacations

    My Best,

  8. Our summer here in Idaho just began! And it will last about two months. Too short for sure! But I love it anyway and feel like I am on vacation a lot of the time being out in the mountains. It would be nice to drive over the the Oregon coast but we are staying home until the virus situation is resolved. Love you blog!

    1. Hi Cheryl! It must be breathtaking where you are- I love mountain scenery so much. We’re not going anywhere either due to this pandemic…oh well, makes us appreciate more what we have around us:) Thanks and love your blog too! xx

    1. Oh my! What a beautiful vacation you’re missing out on- so sad with this pandemic craze! Sardinia is on my bucket list too:) Wishing for next year! Have a wonderful rest of the week:) Thanks xx

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