Fabulous Fridays Linkup & Challenges Continue!

It’s been a fabulous month of January so far (well not in curfews and lockdowns) but certainly in styling challenges! My #Fauxshow Challenge ends this weekend and I hope you’ll be joining me in styling anything in faux-fur, or vintage- thrifted-hand-me-down fur- I mean it- anything at all! Just post a pic on Insta and tag me @lucybertoldi and I’ll be sure to add you to my stories.

Plus as of Monday, I’ve also joined #TrendsInYourCloset – which I love- because all it requires is for me to dive into my closet!! This challenge comes up every season and is hosted by @annazzon (who’s also my cohost in my faux fur challenge) and @imanorbyah. As well, I joined another that comes up quite regularly is #thriftedchicstylechallenge. It’s been a busy styling week lol!

So let me show you what I’ve styled up for all these challenges:

Faux- fur Vest
More faux and vintage fur
Fuzzy faux fur and scarves for Trends in Your Closet
My gorgeous vintage Hermes scarf
Fringe and scarf for Trends in Your Closet
Checkerboard pattern and faux fur
Don’t I look much better when I smile? Some said I should try a natural pose…This is as unnatural as can be for me!!! Your thoughts?

Stay tuned next week for the final pics of these fun challenges…as well look out for my post on Dopamine Styling- wrote about this before- but now …I’m gonna make it a thing!!

Moving right along to what this party is all about!! Here’s my FAVOURITE FASHION DIVA from last week’s Linkup: Alison from Midlife and Beyond: Am I Too Old for Dungarees?

I think she looks perfect!!

My FAVOURITE READ from last week’s Linkup Party: Nicole from High Latitude Style : Learn About the exciting History of Hats

dancer wearing a flapper style sequin cap
You all know that Fashion History is ma thang– so I loved this post!!

It’s now TIME FOR THE LINK UP my Beautiful Friends!!!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!



I love this blogging community so much! And I know how much goes into writing every single post, every single week. It’s a dedication thing. And- we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t love it. So we put our everything in it! Please take the time to check out these wonderful bloggers and what they have to say. It’s good for everyone:)

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36 thoughts on “Fabulous Fridays Linkup & Challenges Continue!

Add yours

    1. I agree Mireille! I find that those sultry ‘trying to be something I’m not’ kind of pics don’t work for me lol!! And imagine that I was asked: Why do you always try to look so happy? I was like…what? I blog and style coz I enjoy it- if i have to look miserable…how can I possibly inspire? Plus, I’m hardly ever alone when I take pics in this house (even in m y closet)- someone is always in the background saying something or making faces lol!! Thanks so much MIreille- have a great weekend xx

  1. Thanks for featuring my post! I feel so honored. I love the outfits that you discussed in this post. They are all so unique. You have great personal style. It really encourages women to search for theirs.

    1. Thanks for all you said Nicole!! That means so much to me and I really appreciate your support. On a different note- I always want to leave a comment on your posts (as I’m regular reader) but can never find where to do so?

  2. Love your style and the outfits you have shared with us on this post. There are lots of ideas to steal. Thank you so much for the feature and have a great weekend!
    Alison xxx

    1. Loved featuring you! And thank you so much for your kind words- I really appreciate it! Have a great weekend Alison xx

  3. You have a gorgeous smile! I love your collection of faux fur. And the vintage Hermes scarf! Have a wonderful weekend x

  4. So many great outfits, it’s impossible to pick a favourite! it’s nice to see you are enjoying the challenges too 🙂

    Hope that you are having a good weekend! 🙂 Thanks for the link up!

  5. Where to start?! That Hermes scarf is absolutely gorgeous and you look adorable in all things faux fur–and plaid!! Happy Friday!

    xx Darlene

    1. Thank you Darlene! I’m mad about that scarf…and faux fur too lol! Have a great rest of the week xx

  6. Gerben always tells me too smile on photos, otherwise I look awful. But it’s hard to find a nice pose. Thats why I have a lot of bloopers. Have s great weekend Lucy!

  7. So many fabulous outfits in this post, Lucy! I can’t even pick a favorite one. I love the colors and the prints and the faux fur! You rock, my friend. Your vintage Hermes scarf is gorgeous and that burgundy coat with the fur collar is just stunning. What a beautiful color!


    1. Hey Shelbee thanks so much! And you know we have such similar taste!! Have a great rest of the week xx

  8. Love all these fabulous fur mixups and congrats on a new challenge. I dive into my closet on the regular, which makes getting new pieces such a wonderful treat!! Hey, that plaid outfit looks like something I can sport in Florida winter!

    1. Exactly!! For some reason I too have a resting bitch face- and don’t know why! So, smiling is definitely my go-to lol! xx

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