Fabulous Friday’s Linkup Party- Transitioning Into Fall

Fall is here whether you’re up for it or not. Are you automatically thinking brown, burgundy and rust? Well, not that there’s anything wrong with that…just be sure not to limit or define your seasonal style by colour alone!

Transitioning primarily means staying comfortable while adapting to change of weather. This can be done through layering or by wearing warmer and heavier fabrics; example now going into autumn. Outerwear also enters the picture. But when it comes to color- don’t limit yourself!

I wore the above outfit for my Thrifty Six Collab (See that post HERE). This is basically a halter jumpsuit that is suitable for all seasons. All I did to transition it into fall, was to add a jacket! Brilliant black and white works very well. Have fun watching my styling clip if you’d like!

But let’s talk colour. Wear what speaks to you! What makes you feel joyful and radiant? That’s what you should wear. You don’t have to stop wearing bright colours just because you think a season dictates that. For example if you love yellow (like I do!) and want to wear that in fall then just change it up for weather comfort. Try getting the piece in a longer sleeve- or better yet, layer your pieces so that you can still integrate that favourite colour. I did this with this bright outfit which started out with me wanting to wear my bright yellow blouse!

I added a shiny bright vest and then kept going by adding the green brocade jacket. Jeans are perfect for transitioning as well…so here I was content in wearing a colour I love and bringing it into fall!

Oh- and can we talk about transitional footwear here for a moment? You don’t have to automatically switch to booties (especially if the weather is too warm!). Just go for an in-between: Mules are the best!! Here I am styling up some gemstone colorful denim ones.

And then, although fall kicked in, it was sweltering hot here in Montreal- so I couldn’t resist a fun scarf look! And I wore hot pink! Yes, for autumn. And why not? Proof- if you’re one for trends; the runways are filled with bold, saturated color blocking- and pink is right up there! Here’s my funky Wednesday look. Totally grooving a 70’s vibe.

What favourite colours do you keep wearing no matter the season? Let me know below in your comments!

My FAVOURITE FASHION DIVA from last week’s Linkup: Rena of Fine Whatever Blog

Such a stunning denim on denim look with double belt!! Gorgeous Rena looking so laissez-faire- love!

My FAVOURITE READ from last week’s linkup is by Debbie of Your Styled Story for her article: The Unsexy Truth About Procrastination

truth about procrastination
A must read on how you just need to START!

Are you ready for the FABULOUS FRIDAY’S LINKUP PARTY???

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

C L I C K H E R E T O E N T E R!!

Have a wonderful weekend my Lovies- Bisous xxx

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  1. Lucy the black and white jumpsuit outfit is INCREDIBLE!! That’s like the ultimate in pattern mixing… I love it 😀

    Thank you for hosting, have a great weekend

    Catherine x

    1. Oh Catherine I’m so happy you love it as I do- black and white is sooo goo! And when you add sequin and some shine to the mix, well that’s just tops for me. Thanks so much- Have a great week my friend xx

    1. Thanks so much Valerie- I’ve always wanted to visit Vancouver! Thanks so much for your comment Canadian sista xx

  2. You really have a way of interacting with the camera because it always looks like you’re having so much fun!

    And your clothes are beautiful!


    1. Oh Wendy, it’s because styling should be fun and you should feel good wearing what you’re wearing! Plus, I can’t take my self too seriously when it comes to showing fashion, colour and trends- coz there are already too many other serious things out there, right? So yeah I usually have a blast! Thank you so much for your sweet comment!

  3. Thank you for the fabulous color tip. I love fall colors but I don’t always like to wear them!!! Ok, I hardly ever wear them – save for olive green. You just affirmed my affinity for pinks and blues.

  4. These are such great tips, Lucy, and you are right that we should NOT shy away from color! I love your mix of yellows and blues here–my favorite colors, perfectly styled! Happy weekend!

    xx Darlene

  5. Lucy, I was nodding my head in agreement with all of your fashion tips as I read through this post. I adore your style and the approach you use in putting together outfits. And then “surprise”, my post from last week’s link-up was your favorite? How wonderful! Thank you for the shout-out.


    1. I love your posts too Rena! And when I read your last one I thought…here we go again in perfect sync! Love featuring you! So thank you!! Have a great week xx

    1. HI Carrie! Give me all the yellows all the time…I just can’t get enough. So happy enjoyed my post! Have a great week!

  6. That vest is amazing, Lucy! I realized this a few years ago – I was missing my bright colours in the fall/winter SO MUCH, so I kept some of my very bright pink (PANK) and yellow out, and it made a HUGE difference in how I felt. Colour that makes us feel good doesn’t have a season!

    I am in the process of (another) style shift – I do it slowly, but our tastes change, and trends change, and I don’t want to look dated or stuck in the past. And in this newest process, I’ve realized I really adore autumn colours, and need to incorporate them not just into my fall closet, but all year round. I’m still physically using all of my summer clothes, and have my 6-month seasonal Closet Swap-Over coming up at the end of the month. I look forward to it, as I don’t have enough room to keep everything out all the time, and it lets me rest from some of my clothes – I go through everything at this point and really think about what I love and what I do not.

    Have a great weekend, and thank you so much for the link-party!

    1. Oh Sheila you are always so interesting!! Now I want to know where I can read more about your six-month swap over??? And I can’t wait to see how you reinvent yourself- as you NEVER seem to be stuck, stylishly speaking! Have a great week xx

    1. OH Michele, you always make me smile! So happy you can’t choose- I take that as a good sign! Have a great week xx

  7. I’m going to wear “my colours” all year round- fuchsia pink, purple, acid yellow, red. I love winter clothes and being able to layer! Great tips Lucy. Love the sunshine yellow.

    1. I’m all on board with you for those fabulous colours Gail! And you are gonna look fabulous I’m sure! Thanks my friend- Have a wonderful week xx

  8. Love all these outfits Lucy, especially the shirt and waistcoat, right up my street! I really need more colour in my wardrobe, thank you for hosting and have a lovely weekend. xx

    1. Thank you my friend! I am so into shirts these days. I find they just give such a polished look even when worn ultra casual. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Jill! This brocade jacket is so versatile and just makes everything look good! Have a great weekend xx

  9. Darling Lucy you look amazing, I love all these transitional looks – isn’t it an exciting time of the year. Jacqui x

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