Au Revoir DIOR, ‘Til We Meet Again…

Bye-Bye…our encounter was enchanting and memorable…Yes, finally, a few weeks ago I got to see the Christian DIOR exhibit here in Montreal at the McCord Museum. This outing had been in the making forever and the day came!

My girlfriend Sandra and I made a day out of it. We had both been dying to see this…but let’s just say that Covid had other plans… so, better late than never! Especially since it just ended on September 26th.

I thoroughly enjoyed this! The exhibit not only displayed the superb DIOR dresses and tailleurs, but also exquisite accessories that had me gasping over every single item.

This red dress in particular I could not keep my eyes off:

As you know, historical dress, costume and fashion fascinate me; it’s also a course I teach and love. But I also teach several courses in Fibres and Textiles, so you will understand how much I reveled in seeing these amazingly rich and vibrant textiles firsthand. It was also incredible to see in person the famous pleatings in the dresses that Dior was renomated for. I marveled at the way he confectioned many of his suitings without any seams at the shoulder. A true work of art that must have been truly comfortable as well. Just look at these beauties!

And then there were the accessories! Nothing with real gems here, but it did not take away anything from the exuberant glamour I was captivated by:

I also appreciated watching the clips shown throughout the tour- they were deeply immersing. I felt like I was there in person- took me back to a time I wish I had lived in!

Watch clip to see what I mean…

I’ve also put together this short clip of some of the most precious of the collection for me:

Have you ever been to the McCord Museum? I’m gonna have to write a post on this very soon. Anyway, just wanted to mention that besides the incredible fashion exhibitions held here, there’s also a great boutique…with a Vintage Section! Sandra and I loved perusing it and just fell in love with these two 1985 beaded necklaces- so of course we bought them:

There’s nothing better than enjoying an outing at the museum with a friend who shares your same love of fashion (she’s a naturally born fashionista…didn’t have to study it to know it all like some of us!). After the museum, we walked the streets of downtown Montreal and even found a great mirror for a selfie:

All that excitement and fun is great…but after all that a girl’s gotta eat!!

So we stopped at Warehouse on Crescent Street


Honestly- they make the best juiciest burgers in town if you ask me!

Basically, going to the Museum for us Montreal girls is really never a one hour in-and-out thing. No, what starts out with meeting at 10am ends on a finishing note that includes a couple of rounds of Margharitas and then getting home by 6pm. Sounds like a fine museum day by me. It’s that European flare we just can’t shake off.

How long are your museum visits when out with your bestie?

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  1. Oh, this makes me want to go to a museum with a girlfriend! I love this glimpse into your day, Lucy!

    I saw the Grace Kelly exhibit at the V&A in London, and the Yves Saint Laurent at the Seattle Art Museum – they had a huge table just covered with all the costume jewelry. I had to be dragged away!

    1. Oh wow Sheila, those exhibits must have been out of this world! And I really know how you feel…it’s like we get transported back in time and living and breathing the stuff.

  2. That exhibition is a pure dream! I love Christian Dior…unfortunately I don’t really like the actual concept of the house. I only like very few pieces from them….Christian Dior was a fabulous artist and a visionarie in his field.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderfull post!

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