Fabulous Friday’s Fall Fashion ‘Fits Linkup!

That title tongue twister was intentional!!😜

Wonderful crisp and sunny weather makes me so happy to welcome October and all the warm cozy vibes it brings. I’ve been digging into my wool stash and contemplating what I can create or mend; it’s that type of season for me.

Although…I actually did crochet during the summer- in all that heat (maybe the AC was on too high 🤷). Here’s these two adorable vests that can easily be worn in any season really; as is, or layered over a blouse or a top.

And here’s what they look like styled up:

If you feel like watching the video clip where I talk a bit more about the vests and give you a closeup. You can watch here:

And- here’s a clip of me showing how I styled the scarf with a fun tip:

I also wanted to end September with a reminder that Slow Fashion and the need to repurpose and rewear is something that is a constant work in process. I honestly believe that being an ‘outfit repeater’ can be part of the solution. Rewearing your outfits, or garments separately in a total different look can spark creativity, not to mention, get you to wear and keep your clothes longer. The more ‘looks’ options you give yourself, the less bored you’ll be with your clothes- and the more often you’ll wear them!

This week I also posted about my Dior Day- and all the fun I had with my bestie, Sandra. Exhibit, lunch, vintage…so much more. You can READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE.

I’m also super excited that this very Dior post was featured on Links A La Mode’s Fashion Roundup!


This post was featured on Links à la Mode fashion roundup by Independent Fashion Bloggers.

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And now…DRUM ROLL…

My FAVOURITE FASHION DIVA from last week’s Linkup Party is Catherine of Not Dressed as Lamb. Just love her 1980’s sequins look! I can’t get enough of this!

Giles Caldicott Photography: Evening wear, Vintage 1980s black sequinned and beaded jacket, baggy black sequinned trousers, black heels | Catherine Summers, Not Dressed As Lamb | Over 40 Style
Ok…Major girl-crush happening here!!

MY FAVOURITE READ from the Linkup: Michelle of My Bijou Life Online had a guest writer! And that’s Nancy from Nancy’s Fashion Style! I loved reading this post and finding our more about Nancy!


You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!


Have a wonderful weekend my Lovies!!

And we also had a Party in the family! Our first Grandson turned 2!! Part 2 of the celebration coming to you next week xxx

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  1. OMG! I love your crocheted tops! So cute. And that you did them without a pattern??? Although, you’ve got me thinking – and that always a bit dangerous. LOL! It tickles me that one started life as a pillow. And you’ve styled them so wonderfully.

    I loved Nancy’s guest blog too! It’s so cool you chose to feature it.


    1. Hi Michelle- thanks so much!! I loved making these..but yeah it was a bit challenging without a pattern. I actually had to adjust them a few times co they stretch!! And I loved that post about Nancy. Have a great weekend xx

  2. Oh I do love your crochet vests, Lucy! And then you styled them so brilliantly in such a fun modern-vintage way. So very cool, my friend!


    1. Thank you! I’m super happy that I’ll be able to style these up in so many ways, due to all the colours. Have a great weekend xx

    1. Sometimes what can work is to have a friend over and see how she would style things up. Fresh eyes often bring new creativity and possibilities we hadn’t even thought of. Thanks my friend, have a great weekend xx

  3. I totally agree about being a fashion repeater, Lucy. I try to only add pieces I can wear at least three ways with other things in my closet. I love that crochet pattern. I think I mentioned how much it reminds me of my beloved grandma. She was Canadian by way of England before moving to Michigan. Happy weekend!

    xx Darlene

    1. I love that the vests bring back memories of your grandma! And it’s creative to be an outfit repeater-yay! Thanks Darlene, have a great rest of the weekend xx

  4. You’re so talented Lucy. The purple and green vest works beautifully with the scarf. You quite right about the need to get more out of our existing wardrobe. I was horrified when I saw how many winter clothes I had. Many are going to thrift shops but I will keep the ones I really love, and wear them more.

    1. Oh thank you Gail- I loved creating these, so fun! I have way too many clothes myself…but I do wear them and love them so much. It’s hard for me to part…although I have been contemplating perhaps selling a few (but I’m too attached!!).

  5. I have been doing most of my buying lately on Poshmark, and have been shopping there for years. I love buying secondhand and also getting a deal. Outfit repeating does allow creativity! Love the colors in your vest, beautiful. I am not crafty! I really would love to see the Dior Exhibit , not sure if it comes to Charlotte!
    Have a great weekend.
    Jess xx

    1. Oh you would love the Dior exhibit!! I do hope you get to see it one day. I’m like you, love secondhand, it pushes my creativity. And I want to get into Poshmark…I have an account but have never bought there and I’m kinda thinking of listing some clothes there too. Thanks Jess- hope you have a great weekend! xx

  6. Happy Birthday, grandson!

    I love your fun crochet projects, Lucy! I thought about doing something like that for myself, but it skews too bohemian for my personal taste, although I like it on others.

    Thanks so much for the link-party!

    1. Thank you Sheila! I’m challenging you to style up some crochet, I betcha you would rock it like no other!! Thanks for the good wishes and I love that you link up my beautiful friend xx

  7. My first party here, but certainly not my last! Your crocheted tops are amazing, and I love even more that you made them yourself! I crochet almost non-stop, but living in Florida, I don’t always get to enjoy the pieces. Have a great weekend!


    1. Hi Alexandra, so happy to see you here- thank you so much for stopping by! I love that you crochet and I love Florida! Hopped over to check out your blog and am following you on Instagram now:)

    1. Thanks Emma! After having completed these two, I actually found an even more stunning cardi that I will style up soon. It’s handmade, but I bought it. Can’t wait to style it up. Have a great rest of the week!

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