When Stylists and Students Meet…

To spice up my last class of Media Relations for Stylists for this session, at LaSalle College, I had the immense pleasure of welcoming guest speaker, Stylist extraordinaire, Ariane Simard. She joined my online class to give a conference on the Styling Profession.

Ariane and I have had the opportunity to collaborate a number of times on joint projects. This has given me the opportunity to see her professionalism first hand- and what’s wonderful is that along the way, we’ve become friends as well. In addition, we both have had the experience (although not at the same time) of working as exclusive Personal Shoppers at the same major department store here in Montreal. We certainly can relate!

In terms of conference, this is our second time around for Ariane and I, as I invited her last session as well- and it was so good that we definitely said we wanted a repeat! So here we were, two stylists among soon-to-be graduates and it was mesmerizing.

Ariane dazzled my students with stories of how she styles our glam Quebec celebrities and television personalities. But with the glam also comes a lot of preparation, both mental and physical- along with the hard work of research and physically shopping for (and-returning) garments. It also entails keeping up with trends, global and social events… all requiring an acute sense of fashion.

Not only did Ariane take the time to explain ‘a day in the life of a stylist’ along with all the anecdotes survived, all pertinent sides of the subject were tackled as well. These included tips and tricks, time allocation, networking, how to establish fees and so much more. Did I mention that being a stylist also involves being part therapist -and consultant? It’s all part of it! Ariane spoke about this too.

Let’s just say that the students left that evening with a bundle of food for thought as well as a well-rounded, realistic picture of what this profession actually entails. But of course, since this isn’t brain surgery, the subject remained light, interesting and fun, all the while being chock-full of useful and practical information. Her approach was inviting, exciting and inspirational.

Years of talent and experience have Ariane offering top of the line service to an expanding list of high calibre clientele. Here’s a glimpse to just a few of the many celebrities who Ariane has styled (and continues to style)…

Violinist Alexandre D’Acosta
The gorgeous Veronique Cloutier
Ariane styled Catherine Laferriere- Faubert, wife of Producer Kim Nguyen who was nominated at the Oscars for the film, Rebelle.

So a huge Thank you! to Ariane, our wonderful guest speaker. The course ended with a splash and I’m sure it will be remembered as one of my students’ most memorable classes of their last, and graduating session.

Fantastic evening!

Note: Special events such as conferences, guest speakers, visits…have a way of bringing topics to life in a way that regular theory can never achieve. I strongly recommend inviting experts to speak to your students- this will certainly help spark interest in the subject matter you are teaching; which in return yields a favourable outcome for both students and prof!

Congratulations to my Graduating Styling students!

*******If you are an expert within the fashion realm and would like me to interview you- or perhaps you’d like to be a guest speaker, please email me at: lucy_bertoldi@hotmail.com


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  1. Wow, how cool must that have been for your students, Lucy!! A real Hollywood stylist! I’ve wondered about it, but I bet it is a ton of work, not to mention dealing with delicate celebrities’ personalities!

    1. Oh my students adored her!! Plus she’s so down to earth, even telling them about such petty things the day can bring. She’s a joy. And Sheila, I would so see you doing this too! And you are not wrong about personalities…this is an important topic we also discuss during my classes- it’s all part of it! Thanks xx

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