Stylish Monday in Spring Trends!

Here’s the Stylish Monday Clan- where every 2nd Monday of the month, we get together to share our theme styling.

So many fun trends for this season- oh what to choose- oh what to wear! For me though, bright colours make my heart sing and I’m in complete dopamine styling mode when I see the Spring sunshine.  Is it just me or are other Northern girls also itching to pull out the sandals (even if only for a photo moment)? Stylish Monday has us sharing our favourite trends for Spring 2022. Here’s my look for this month:

Bright yellow and pink is always a good idea;)

Let’s check out what my Stylish friends’ favourite trends of the season:

Suzanne – Ask Suzanne Bell

Secured at the back of the neck, a halter style dress or top highlights your shoulders and is an incredibly flattering silhouette, yet many of us shy away from this style due to not knowing what type of bra or support works with this style dress/top. Fortunately, the halter is my all-time favorite silhouette, and I’ve got you covered underneath with styling solutions + bras and bralettes, on the blog…

Julie – Fashion Trends and Friends and Instagram FashionTandF

The current spring 2022 trends include: pleats, bright colors, halter neckline, statement suits or cutouts. Additionally, feathers and wearing bras as a top are trending! You know my mantra: Wear what you love or what speaks to you and you’ll always look great! Can you guess which of these appeal to me the most? Hop over to my blog to see if you guessed correctly!

Nancy –  Nancy’s Fashion Style

It has to be tiered dresses. I already bought last year several and I am still very much in love with this design. In fact I already ordered a few more! These two are my favourites from last year. I actually like it better to wear them without a belt, but these two are very bulky. They would have been perfect if there were pockets in it. I will show my latests tiered dresses soon on the blog!

Nicole – High Latitude Style

The trend to invest in this year is fringes if your personal style is Bohemian or Rock’n Roll. This is due to fringes being a perennial trend. Even if your personal style is not one of the two, a fringe clutch may be worth it when your most frequent travel destination is a beach resort. It’s perfect with a beach dress or resort style.

Shelbee – Shelbee on the Edge

Bra tops and bell bottoms are two trends together that appeal to my hippie soul. I found these amazing embroidered bell bottoms and the coordinating fringe cardigan at Indigo Sun, a funky little bohemian boutique we visited in Asheville on my recent road trip adventure. And now I am officially ready for festival season! 

Amy – Amy’s Creative Pursuits

As a Wisconsin Gal, every spring we have to deal with frigid temperatures, leaving me in quite the conundrum as I want to wear spring clothes but I can’t.  How do I solve the problem?  By wearing bright colors in warm winter fabrics.

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  1. Lucy! Your bright colors are so fun and so fabulous! I think bright yellow and pink are always a good choice! The yellow almost looks neon! Another fun monthly collaboration! Julie xo

  2. You are such a pro when it comes to creating unexpected color combos, I just love this look. And I am thrilled that color is coming back – gives me an excuse to branch out from my denim, black and neutrals!

  3. I am all in for colourful dopamine styling! We’re still waiting for sunshine to arrive up here (we had SNOW on Tuesday), but I’m trying to make it happen by wearing colour, ha ha!

    Love your outfit – those trousers are fab.

    1. Oh I’m so not worried about you! YOu are probably styling it away in utmost class on the daily; snow or sunshine! Thanks hon xx

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