FASHIONABLE FRIDAY – Styling up Bright & Colourful

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Every holiday shows up way too soon…and sometimes quicker than the weather in its very season. This Spring has been one roller coaster ride and for one thing, our styling’s had to keep up. What attire comprises have you made on this journey towards sunshine and warmth?

As a northern gal, I’m definitely still wearing jackets and sweaters! So I had to mix up my sombre colours with brighter ones. And that’s the trick my friend- but how?

Pick bright coloured sweaters and splash on a bright necklace and accessories.

I get that you don’t necessarily want to let go of the dark colours just yet-ok! Then try choosing tops made of much lighter fabrics. You’ve heard me say this before: Sheer tops are the best! Especially for layering.

And look what happens when you change it up with a pop of shine! Sequins are known to bring automatic light to your pretty face (mood boosters too).

And if you still don’t want to go too bright, just bring on the print- and yes you can have some black in there too!

Just btw, I added sleeves to what was once a short sleeve blouse…Check out the video clip to see!

Slowly progressing to brighter colours while using print is not limited to tops only! Your outerwear should also scream change! Keep wearing leather of course, but in different, brighter colours.

Ditch the dark coats for a bit of daring (while still keeping some black in there!).

And once you start styling brighter, guaranteed your bright happy clothes will slowly come out to party- even if you’re just wearing them indoors like me! Yellow and pink are best friends, can’t you tell?

While you’re at it, why not give them sandals a go too (even if just for a photo op!).

I love trying new things as I style up looks for myself, or clients- there’s something new to discover every time. Just like the darling scarf- tie look, that I’m wearing. I’ve twirled the scarf into one of my necklaces and voila! a new look. Check out my video to see how (less than a minute)

So if the sunshine is unpredictable in your neck of the woods- make your style just as unpredictable by experimenting with something brighter for a fresh new look. Winter is gone- let the sunshine in, and let your clothes show it off: that’s your new mantra!

What changes have you brought to your styling this Spring?


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  1. Just love the yellow and pink – and also the green sweater! So good to be wearing such joyful colours. Good to see you back

  2. Love the gorgeous colours, Lucy. have a lovely weekend whatever you have planned. xx

  3. Us northern gals think alike for spring: warm clothes spring colors! I love all your ideas.

  4. Lucy, I love this idea of meeting unexpected weather with unexpected style! This season is my least favorite for getting dressed with the unpredictability of my menopause hormones adding to the weather issues. I’m hot, I’m cold, I’m somewhere in between. I take the clothes off, I put them back on, only to sweat through and need to change them entirely! I love these bright and bold looks especially the pink and yellow! That combination is just like lemonade and lemonade represents the best of all things, doesn’t it?! I hope you have a blessed Easter, my friend.


    1. Oh I feel you Shelbee with the hot and cold and sweaty- not fun!! I love the lemonade example!! xx Thanks!

  5. Your closet would be so fun to go through! 🙂 Love the lime green on you and This yellow ensemble is so bright and beautiful! I love the print scarf too and the shoes.

    1. Thanks Michelle:) I find those two colours delicious together ( even reminding me of gelato LOL!)

  6. Thank you for sharing this on Traffic Jam Weekend, Lucy. It has been chosen as a fave feature for this week’s link party that goes live on Thursday at 5:00 pm CST.

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