The Thrifty Six in Bold Monochrome

A monochrome look can be beautiful, but with a pop of bold colour it can be superb! Give me big bold colours all year long- but something about styling them in Spring really gets me going. A fresh royal blue when least expected can jolt the spirit in its own flashy way, especially since we all know it’s usually the light pastels that make their debut in Spring.

This adorable royal blue knit set is perfect for this time of year, when the weather just can’t make up its mind. Got it in the 80’s from Sears (remember that place?). It was super stylish and trendy – and everyone wore something like it…so nothing that special. These days, when I wear it, the compliments just won’t stop because of everything about it! Vintage has a way of doing that, wouldn’t you agree?

The whole look is a bit matchy-matchy, but isn’t that the point of monochrome?! Vintage blue suede Maryjanes and a colourful straw purse almost completes my look.

Nothing I’m wearing is new…all closet revisits that I’m bringing out to play. I even styled up the scarf that came with the set (used to use this as a belt)- but here I turned it into a bow and used it as a headdress. Cute!

And if you recognized the necklace as maybe being part of that ‘Dolly’ vintage collector I posted about here- you’re right on! Royal blue epoxy- and that’s my complete and polished Thrifty Six look.

And now let’s check out my Thrifty Six Friends’ stylish looks:

Shelbee of Shelbee on The Edge:

I found this pink embroidered sundress on a thrifting adventure last spring but it was a tad too tight. I have lost some weight and now it’s just right! And it’s perfect for a bright monochrome outfit paired with lots of other pink things (that were not preloved but have been loved much by me)! 

Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style:

The skirt is pre loved and from the shop I used to work for. I buy a lot of that brand pre loved, because I know the quality is very good and sizing too. Although this skirt didn’t work for me, it’s too short and 
the pink in the blazer and shirt don’t work for me at all. I wore it once, when we went for pizza at my sister’s! Didn’t feel as me, so sold both the skirt and the blazer. Bold colours aren’t really my style, but 
I do love them.

Jane of Preloved_Vintage_Handmade

Is this a tangerine dream?……or is it more like manic mandarin!?! I’m calling it sun-kissed satsuma – a whole eyeful of orange! I love a 90’s classic suit and this one is a genuine vintage piece. It’s far from high-end but what it lacks in class, it definitely makes up for in colour!

Grace of Graceful Rags

I really struggled to find something for this month’s collab, scouring every nearby charity shop not once, but twice! I never consider a dress/jumpsuit as monochrome, since it’s just one piece, but pairing this fun onesie with these secondhand orange wedges was the best I could do. Both the shoes and oversized jumpsuit are out of my comfort zone, but I love how this springy look came together!

Emma of Style Splash

I was limited to my holiday wardrobe for this month’s theme, but you know me – I’ve always got plenty of colourful clothes to hand! I bought this orange jumpsuit in a charity shop last summer for about £6. It’s such a great fit…and of course I love the colour! I added my orange fedora which I bought in a local boutique and some orange earrings to complete this tangerine ensemble!

The Stylish Thrifters:

The Thrifty Six 

We’re a group of international fashion influencers; each month we style an outfit based around a theme. We show how pre-loved fashion creates killer looks to totally smash fast fashion! We aim to inspire others, promote sustainability and have a lot of fun!

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    1. Blue is always a good idea for sure! Whoever came up with that saying of feeling blue? Blue brings me joy! Thanks Michelle xx

    1. Thanks! I usually am not one for matchy matchy lol! But when it works, it works, what can I say! Thanks xx

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