Fabulous Friday With a Carrie Bradshaw DIY- and a Linkup!

This past week I finished the first season of: And Just Like That– and… Just like that, I have to tell you that I’m watching this series specifically for the fashion (which I can’t get enough of!). I’m just totally in awe and simply swept off my feet with everything Carrie wears, in particular. The juxtaposition of high an low with Couture- mixed in with a dash of thrift and vintage, takes my breath away every time. I’m still drooling over that Versace gown- did you watch??!!

Anyway, the show gives me an overload of styling inspo. Which brings me to this cute sweatshirt she wore:

So according to costume experts on the show: Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago , SJP is always doing some kind of DIY to her costumes- she loves things that are vintage, or modified; anything that speaks to Carrie’s fashion sense. And so it was with this cute “I love Central Park” sweatshirt. I loved the idea so much that I transformed one of my own tops- and I loved the result!

Here’s the BEFORE:

And here’s the AFTER:

This was SUPER EASY!!! The idea is to get a boxy sweatshirt and turn it into a fitted top- by cropping the back and then tying it up with a knot!!! Watch my DIY less than 2 min video:

How fun is that?!!

I was so thrilled with the quick fix that the addiction got real! Here’s another:

Let me know if you try this!

Have a fabulous weekend my Lovies!!

Note: I’ve decided to make some choices and changes…I’m finding that I have much less time and an abundance of work- but I don’t ever want to stop blogging and letting go of you guys!! So my Fabulous Fridays format is going to change a bit and get sort of condensed…

But- I’m still here, and I will continue to bring you as much style and fashion inspo that I can. Along with this I also promise – due to popular demand- to also start bringing you more topics of interest in fashion coming from my realm of teaching, intermixed with fun facts and tidbits of the industry as well. Hope you stick around coz I’m not going anywhere!



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Have a great weekend- Bisous!

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    1. Hey nice to see you too! Oh those outfits are super incredible!! Thanks my friend xx

  1. Oh, what a fun idea to alter your sweatshirt to make it cropped, Lucy! So cute!

    I also watched the full season – specifically for the fashion (same as I did for Emily in Paris!). I was pretty disappointed in the show itself (many problematic issues), but loved some of the fashion. I drooled over that orange/pink ensemble SJP wore in Paris!

    Glad you’re still out there, rockin’ it! Thanks for the link-party!

    1. Hey Sheila- honestly I’m pretty disappointed about the show s well. Thank goodness for the fashion, coz I believe that’s the only thing keeping the show on the air!

  2. Great to see you back, and being as creative as usual! I would love to learn from your knowledge of fashion and the industry.

    1. Thank you Gail! I will definitely try to post what I know best, and hope it will be interesting.

    1. Same here Carol- the show is certainly all bout the fashion for me too. Thank you- that diy was super easy and now I’m finding myself converting almost all my sweatshirts lol!

    1. Thank you Rena- glad to be back (hope I can keep up lol!). And this diy was such a breeze (along with being addictive!).

  3. Wow, these looks mighty fine Lucy, well done with your looks. I really like the leopard version. Jacqui x

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