Monday’s Styling Confessions…

What I Wore to the Museum

There’s nothing I enjoy more than going to a fashion exhibit at the museum. And this time for the Parachute show (read all about it here), my husband agreed on coming along with me! This was such a treat especially because fashion is so NOT his thing lol!. I got the idea of a museum date after reading Beth of Sassy For Short’s article on date ideas. The exhibit was not too long and super interesting – so that worked out perfectly…just enough to keep his attention!

But back to what to wear- and specifically for when going to a fashion exhibit! I would have to say that choice depends on the whole exhibit vibe. I’m not saying for example, to dress in 18th c. fashion if you’re going to see a Marie-Antoinette exhibit (although you can!)…Rather, it depends on how much you, yourself can relate to the experience. And that does not necessarily mean to mimic what you’re going to see! For myself, I opted to wear some stylish faux-leather pants with a sheer top. Feeling something of a ‘groovy vibe’.

I then added a vest to give it a bit of a retro look. I strongly believe that layering is super important. Not only for weather and comfort purposes, but also to add dimension to your look.

But what I think sealed the look was the leopard print coat. That’s the key; A statement piece. The look was upbeat with a mix of vintage and trend; very Montreal.

I also find that a great pair of booties can help pull it all together. In any case, a fun jacket or spring coat is a must for Northern weather. After all, this is the piece that makes the first statement- impression, since the outer layer is pretty much all you get to see when outside!

Here’s another point: What else will you be doing after the museum? Staying in the city for coffee, cocktails or dinner? That too will help you decide the right look. Oh and remember your accessories! Statement pieces can jazz up any look.

Is there a last item that you think might add that extra umph? A cool scarf with a juxtaposed pattern usually does it for me. It adds that ‘je ne sais quoi’ to my look, always! And off you go- looking mighty snazzy!

Here’s a 23 second clip of me getting this look together;

What do you wear to a fashion exhibit?

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    1. No worries!! I understand! But I wanted to let you know that I’m having such a difficult time commenting on your blog post – it keeps pushing me out! Just wanted to say that it’s an amazing dress you got! But they did a big mistake by not putting pockets on such a great dress. Also wanted to know the fabric as it looks so soft and silky. Am I seeing that right? Looking beautifulxx

    1. Yes! Layering is key! And I agree with you about the weather for styling…I have to admit that although I love Florida more than anywhere- my styling did take a bit of a break due to the very warm temps when I was there a few months back…and I need layering in my life! Thanks xx

  1. Wow! What a gorgeous outfit. I like how the different animal prints in the top, belt, coat, and boots are all pulled together by the long expanse of the dark brown pants. The aqua blue in the earrings, nails, and scarf lends just the right touch of contrasting color.

    1. Thank you Carol! The look just morphed on its own, one piece at a time and it worked!

  2. Blue accents for your leopard print are fabulous – not one I’ve tried before, but I think I definitely will now. x Jacqui

  3. I adore this outfit. So sassy. What makes it for me is the earrings matching the bluey/green tone in your top. Pulls the whole outfit together. Thanks for linking!

    1. Hi Gail! I also love that touch of colour for the earrings. It’s fun when accessories end up playing the main role lol! Have a great week my friend!

  4. I LOVE this look and you look fabulous! That exhibit also sounds wonderful and that photo of you and your husband is so cute! XO,Caroline

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