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5 Main Reasons to Shop Vintage

The reasons for shopping vintage are many, and different for all. Let me narrow it down to just 5 of the most prevalent reasons: Style, Quality, Prestige, Collecting, Environment. Basically, any of these could be the basic, average motivators for you to go out there to splurge on that gorgeous Versace blazer, for example.

  1. So let’s start with Style: The people who shop vintage with this in mind, are usually the ones tired of trends and constant changes- and looking like everyone else. Nothing out there is exciting enough; too boring. In this case, shopping for style is opted over shopping for fashion. The look itself dictates originality and a sense of showcasing unique creativity. This is also shopping for what suits you best (shape and personality).

2. Quality: If it’s still around 20 years or more after its creation, chances are the craftsmanship was excellent. Quality entails a great fit, and materials that don’t come apart easily. Garments of the past were usually made of impeccable fabrics (and yet… more on that later)- that are hardly ever used in today’s fast world of fashion (or, they are rare and super expensive!).

3. Prestige: Status is not a new concept…since the very beginning of time people have dressed to display some sort of rank or importance. Some people feel the need to go a step further than the style factor (like mentioned above) when it comes to being original. This is where rare- on- the- market-objects or garments are sought out; preferably of a renowned brand name. Of course both style and quality can come along with this- but with prestige shopping those two are not necessarily at the forefront. Exorbitant prices.

4. Collecting: Amassing a collection of rare or no longer produced objects of the past can often be a hobby of great pleasure for some- hence the reason for shopping vintage! When it comes to collecting vintage clothing, this can be done in sets or series. For example, I am in love with vintage dressers from the 40’s and 50’s! Why? I love the femininity of the look and the reminiscence of old time Hollywood. Some collectors collect for the beauty and rarity- and others to actually wear the clothes as well. This entails special occasion costume wearing or downright juxtaposing the old with the new to form a new stylish look.

5. It’s a Conscious Environmental Choice: A note about fabrics regarding vintage clothing: Fabrics have a long history- since the beginning of time! And along with that history comes continuous change. Innovation brings about novelty; which can be both good and bad for our environment. So yes, vintage clothing can be better cut and sewn, but depending on the era or decade-(example the 70’s, 80’s…) fabrics were for the most part synthetic. Not environmentally consciously produced at all. Yet! the highlight of purchasing these vintage garments made of synthetic fibres, is precisely what’s keeping them out of the landfills! Which naturally brings in the topic of Sustainability…be on the look out for a more in-depth post, very soon!

Remember this outfit? It’s now vintage; I actually purchased it in the 80s. I’ve taken great care of it. But to see what I mean about fabrics of back then, just look at the fibre content…

I’m glad I held onto this and saved it from the landfill- looks way better on me than in there, wouldn’t you agree?

And now because I’m the ultimate busy-body when it comes to fashion, I want to know: Why do you shop vintage?

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  1. Lucy,I can’t comment thru your site, but this is a FABULOUS post.  I love to buy/wear vintage because of the quality and uniqueness.Beth

  2. All of the above!
    Style: mainstream fashion is so BORING. I note several boutiques in town that sell beige, white, grey and black clothing only. *yawn*
    Quality: no words. It would cost me a million dollars to replicate my (at least half) vintage clothes with modern ones.
    Prestige: I love that I have a few really rare “name” items, like Alexander McQueen and Geoffrey Beene, along with modern classics like Kenzo and Proenza Schuler – and I love bragging about how little I paid when I found them. I can’t help it! 🙂
    Collecting: Vintage scarves (esp. 60s/70s), early 1960s copper jewelry, specifically by Renoir/Matisse, Fluevogs!
    Environmental choice: There is NO need to buy new clothes unless it’s underwear, and even then, you can find it new-in-the-package. I buy second-hand and I re-donate it or give it away when I’m done with it. I love seeing my old clothes on my friends! Buying quality vintage means it’s special and I treasure it – and I keep it out of the landfill (even the double-knit 70s polyester!).

    Great post, Lucy!

    1. Oh Sheila I love and appreciate everything you wrote! It seems that there is mostly positives in buying vintage- any way we look at it! And you are such a creative- I could never picture you wearig something ordinary! It’s gotta be vintage for you always my friend! Thanks so much xx

  3. You make everything look amazing, who would of thought to wear lingerie over shorts, just beautifu, not to mention the other features!!
    Thank you for sharing on Oh My Heartsie Girls Wonderful Wednesday, hope you will grace us again with your ideas! Have a great week!

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