The Thrifty Six are Ballet Inspired

Today’s theme for our collaboration is ballet based- how bittersweet! From a young age, you could say I was pretty much immersed in everything that’s art; from painting, to crafting, to sewing, designing, diy’s- and yes, ballet too. I was a ballerina for the longest time! I danced til the age of 20 and taught it as well.

Sadly, the memento’s are few; some scattered photos that my mom kept…somewhere. Really, all that I’ve kept about ballet is stored into my heart as a journey, from which I learned a lot. From resilience, to discipline; exhilaration, sorrow, defeat, heartbreaks, pain, laughter, goals, achievement, broken toes, loss, patience, friendships, betrayal, love, happiness, and fulfillment. Life lessons to name a few. These days though, some of that still comes up though my art:

From ballet in my past, to a world of fashion today. I can totally see and understand the link. We are exactly where we are supposed to be. And today it’s ballet for this Thrifty Six collab! These days I may not own much that’s ballet related…except for ballerina shoes, which we all own a pair, I’m sure. But then I remembered this sweatshirt that I found in Florida! Just a top with a splashed-on sketch of a lanky girl in tulle, just trudging along…kinda reminds me of someone who journeyed through dance, fell in love with art, to then totally embrace fashion of course!

Let’s check out what my fashionable friends are styling up!

“Nancy’s ballerina theme really had me stumped! I don’t own a tulle skirt, which would have been my preference, so instead I chose this pink flared satin midi skirt that cost £5 in a charity shop. I teamed it with my one shoulder corsage top and feathery bag that I bought on eBay ages ago. I won’t be doing any pirouettes or jetés, but I do feel elegant!”

“I really wasn’t sure how to interpret the ‘ballerina’ theme, but I figured this $1 BCBG yellow dress, which retailed for over $200, had the sweet and flowy vibes of a ballet dancer. I paired it with the nude heels I purchased for my brother’s wedding last weekend and threw on my favorite spring purse from Kate Spade New York. I’m date night ready!”

Being a ballerina for mummy…

When I was five my mum took me to ballet class so I could learn poise and elegance like a little girl should…

…but she soon realised I was the kind of girl who wanted to jump in muddy puddles and climb trees with the boys!

This month the Thrifty Six styling theme is ‘Ballerina’ so here I am, all these years later, being a ballerina for mummy…

…I think it’s about as close as I will ever get – lol”

“I was looking for ballerina shoes actually when I thought, hey I have the cutest ballerina dress! That’s a lovely idea for The Thrifty Six. And I didn’t buy ballerina shoes by the way. This lovely dress is so cute. It’s a lovely shade of green printed all over with ballerinas. Bought it at Vinted and is from the brand I used to work for. So quality and sizing guaranteed good. Now I interpret the theme with a dress. Let’s take a look at my lovely friends to see how they did with the theme!”

“Nancy really pushed me on this one! I have never considered myself anything close to a ballerina type girl! So I went thrift shopping and found this beautiful new with tags White House Black Market pleated chiffon maxi skirt in the most ballerina color ever for just $6.99. I paired it with a preloved Ralph Lauren sparkly tank top that I have had for a few years. Everything else I am wearing was purchased at retail but none of it is new. It turns out I am more of a ballerina type girl than I ever imagined!”

The Stylish Thrifters:

The Thrifty Six 

We’re a group of international fashion influencers; each month we style an outfit based around a theme. We show how pre-loved fashion creates killer looks to totally smash fast fashion! We aim to inspire others, promote sustainability and have a lot of fun!

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  1. This is so fun – I love your tee that you wore. I actually thrifted a real dance tutu during the pandemic – it’s blue and teal and just a huge puff, but it is SO fun to wear! I need to get it out again…

    Happy Monday, Lucy!

  2. Lucy, what a beautiful post and your artwork is gorgeous! I love the ballerina tunic you wore, too, It really is the perfect representation of you and your journey!


  3. I adore your work here, Lucy! You’re so talented! Thank you for sharing with us!

    I’m sharing a fun (and loud!) matching set in my new post and I hope you’ll stop by. 🙂


    1. Oh Michelle! Thanks so much! I’m a bit shy about showing my art like this- but hey that’s my other hobby! Have a great weekend xx

    1. Yea…I really never put it all together, but I see that now. Thanks Mireille xx

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