FASHIONABLE FRIDAY: Midweek Colour Blast

Needless to say, when it comes to work and family balance- family always comes first. Especially when you’re tending to sick kids and husband! But that can take a toll, so it’s important to still take care of yourself and somewhere in there, to find time to savour the little things that make you happy and brighten up your day. That’s easier said than done. Closing up this dreadfully long week in style. Nevertheless, here comes, What I wore:

Beginning of the week required lots of TLC on my part…and so dressed down it was:

Here you have it- no frills, no-makeup, real life look.

Quick errand? No problem! Just put on some tights, my booties, a cross-bag and my jean-jacket and off I went. Love pieces that can transform so quickly! This is especially true of tie-dye I find. And sunnies act like eye-makeup!

Wednesday was way jollier. Dressed up for my blogger collaboration of Wear it Wednesday, on Instagram. The theme was yellow- so of course I was down for styling in this brightest of colours- duh!

And along comes Friday and the hope for the best of weekends! Will tell you all about it next Friday! Meanwhile, this powder blue vintage leather jacket is always such a good idea.

It was also time for great hair care this week (and the addition of just a few new extensions- which just helps even out my layers). Angie of Concept Elite, always dolls me up just right.

Hair Confession: I never get my hair done on the day of any event. I always go one day (or even two) before! That’s not all! I only brush my hair the day after. Honestly, this routine keeps my hair styled and looking great for the whole week. And it looks better as the days go by. The only thing I need to do is freshen it up with a little dry shampoo by the 5th day. And if I feel the curls are gong down, I just gather my hair gently scrunching it into a bun for about an hour and then let it down and wow- it’s back! Take a look- this is no brushing after having taken a nap on it right after coming home from the salon lol! It will look so much better tomorrow!

What have you been styling up this weekend? This Montrealer wants to know!

Let’s kick it off with a Linkup!

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    1. Oh rest up Mireille and do enjoy the weekend and the great food you’ll be making from that grocery! xxx

  1. I am dying over your fabulous outfits, Lucy! I have the twin to that blue leather jacket (only shorter/curvier and embellished by me), and the yellow one too! I adore that yellow with the leopard – I must do that!

    Love your extra new hair! It’s spectacular!

    1. Thanks so much Sheila! The new hairdo feels great! And yes to yellow and leopard! I’m such a goner for leather jackets, as you are:) xx

  2. Hi, Lucy – Leopard print goes so well with yellow! I’ve just been realizing how wonderful yellow can be…and how many things I have that are yellow. I was looking through the Spring/Summer 2022 Pantone colors…which made me realize that I don’t have hardly any bright pink, mostly because I have a hard time telling which bright pinks are warm. Maybe watermelon would do….Anyway, before I go, I must say how lucky you are to have hair that stays nice for over five days! I have fine, wavy hair that tends to frizz and it only lasts a few days at the most. And the second day it has to be touched up…the third day I either put up with unruly hair or put into a messy updo. Thanks for the linkup – Angie,

    1. Thanks Angie! About my hair, it’s really the dry shampoo that really helps I find. It’s also great on fine hair, it gives that extra hold and volume. Before you do that messy updo or wash it, give it a try. I’m sure you’ll love the volume you’ll get. Let me know!

      1. Oh, yes, I have dry shampoo. But my hair does not survive sleeping on it very well and it certainly doesn’t look better every day like yours!

      2. Oh…well here’s another tip I keep hearing about (and I wanna try); slepping on a silk pillowcase. Have you tried that? Lastly, I also take Nutricap vitamins. I find it helps too. Try!

      3. Lucy, you’re so sweet to brainstorm for me! I have been using silk pillowcases for years and I take a slew of supplements including biotin and Viviscal. I was just thinking this morning that I have the finest hair and yours must just be thick. Besides, you have the hair extensions and my dermatologist said I shouldn’t use them because they will pull more hair out. Even if I did have extensions, my real hair would need work that would disturb the extensions. Now that you’ve got me thinking about it, I’ve concluded that I just need tons of moisture and probably damage repair…just because my hair is delicate and doesn’t withstand coloring and hot tools. My hair soaks up the daily products but needs something deeper. So thanks for helping me pay more attention to finding ways to infuse more moisture. XOXO – Angie

      4. Ok Angie, I really do hope you find a solution. And honestly, I don’t have thick hair, it’s maybe an illusion, but yes the vitamins for me do work I guess. If I hear of anything else that might be helpful, I’ll let you know and ask me anything if you need! Have a great rest of the week xx

    1. Thanks Jill, everyone is doing much better! And I do love this tie-dye dress for so many reason and it being super easy is number one. xx

    1. Everyone is better thanks:) So happy you like the combos Michelle- yellow and leopard are here to stay! xx

  3. Love your hair! Looks so good! Love the baby blue with the plaid and the yellow with leopard I am loving yellow this season! Hope your family is feeling better!

    1. Thanks so much Jess, yes they’re all better:) And I am so into yellow as well these days. And for some reason, the pinks hiding in my closet are all slowly coming out as well lol!! xx

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