FASHION UNSTITCHED: Influencers Reaching for the Moon

And if the saying holds…they’re pretty much landing among the stars. Truly, today’s influencers are reaching celebrity status like we’ve never seen before; or have we?

Fashion icons- or trend setters are not a novelty. They’ve existed alongside dress history since the very beginning. We can name tons of trendsetters from Cleopatra to Marie-Antoinette to Lady Di and the list goes on. Such famous personalities have helped shape opinions, fashion, politics and definitely lifestyle and trends as well. Today, that’s pretty much the role of an influencer, don’t ya think? So what makes the influencer phenomena any different today, compared to the past?

If we go back in history, the so-called influencers of the times were, almost always, already famous- and rich. It would make sense for the masses, who could never achieve such heights, to want to dream of emulating these lifetyles. Or at least be enraptured by them. Along with fame, came influence. Status was one way of proving credibility. This is still true for celebrities. But not necessarily for today’s influencers.

Today, we can say that influence, credibility and fame grows from a place of commonality. The most popular influencers began as the average person discussing their own opinion and tastes and sharing that with a group of people (at first, a very small group). The more relatable – rather than untouchable, as in the past, the more credibility and influence amongst others.

Think about this: Whose opinion would you trust more regarding a product; your friend, or a random person in a commercial? The feeling of trust comes from a sense of ‘knowing’ the person. And through the revolution of online platforms, we have started to map out different relationships and communities with like-minded people who share similarities in lifestyle or aspirations. And through their social exposure, these influencers become our trusted, credible sources. This is true even though, we might never even meet in person. Ultimately, they influence our style, our purchases, even our beliefs.

Along with the credibility and feeling of belonging to their group, people become attached and form relationships with influencers. Attraction builds traction, and the more influencers generate content that is what their community wants to read or learn about, the stronger the connection and ultimately, more ‘followers’ are reached.

But most importantly is how vast the influencer role has become. In fashion for instance, influencer opinion is valued on all levels; from designers, to distributors, to companies, all the way to the most important of all, the consumer. Everyone relies on the influencer’s word- and consumer behaviour regarding purchases especially so. No wonder brands and companies are at attention!

So where are we headed? I personally don’t think we’ve reached a plateau. There’s room for growth, as communities, and niches keep on morphing and developing. An influencer can take this as far and wide as they want. And- brands see this; they’re taking notes. They can dip into an ocean of content creators to choose those best fit to promote their product. Trends change, as do opinions- and that’s a good thing! Change is a definite indicator and mover for growth.

Personally, I have seen my platforms grow steadily, at a pace that I can handle. What is important to me, is to still have that connection with my community. Styling and the fashion world are topic realms that will never fade in content- it’s evergreen and constantly moving. I want to keep on creating content that is of interest while boosting you with inspiration.

Nothing pleases me more than seeing the rise of some of my influencer friends that go way back- and now they are soaring- sometimes landing on jobs that have sprung from their blogger gigs. It’s super motivating! You just never know- but one thing is for sure; anything is possible through this craft, even landing among the stars.

A Few Questions :

How are you inspiring your niche?

How often do you produce content?

How engaged are you with your community?

Fashion Unstitched is a series where I take you through bits of fashion history, fibres and textiles, guest interviews, industry talk, fashion events, sustainability, museums, reviews…If it’s fashionable- I’m covering it!! Suggestions, and collaborations are welcome. Send me an email. Thanks for reading.

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    1. I totally agree- these days it really is about authenticity. Thank you Carol!

    1. Thanks so much for your interest! It brings me such joy to know you’ve read it!

  1. I love this post, Lucy! You are so right that there is room for exponential growth and you never know what could come of such gigs like blogging or influencing. I have had so many unforgettable and rewarding opportunities come from this. But the most important of all is the community of amazing people that support each other in their growth! Thanks for always being one of those amazing people.


    1. Oh Shelbee!!!And thank you too for being one of those amazing people here in Blogland- what would we do without each other! This community is awesome! xx

  2. I am very picky lately about who I am following and trying to curb some of my time on social media. Since I am always blocking the guy/bots accounts that tend to add to my followers on the weekends, my numbers grow very little but I feel at least that they are real. I am hoping to grow some though in the fall when I have more time with all 4 boys in school and will need some tips from all my blooger gal pals.

    1. I hear you mireille! Social media- if not careful, can swallow up your day. And right now the most important time of all is in real life. But definitely when you follow the people in a like-minded community, these can become true friendships that often get where you’re at, even more than those in Ril! Will help any way I can this fall:)

  3. Agreed! Social media has leveled the playing field, allowing anyone who can effectively communicate via words, pics, and videos a chance to become an influencer. One of the exceptionally cool things about the times in which we are living!

    And I personally love having friends across the globe – people I would have never been able to interact with 30 years ago.


    1. I feel the same way, Michelle! It’s a sign of our times- and the best part really is the community. Thanks so much xx

  4. Thank you for sharing this on Traffic Jam Weekend. It has been chosen as a fave feature for this week’s link party that goes live on Thursday at 5:00 pm CST.

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