Greeting Cards, and The Fashionable Side of Etiquette…

Etiquette has come a long way.  Gone are the days of associating it with stuffy mannerisms of the past, or separation of classes. Today, etiquette is all about kindness, politeness, and a show of respect for others as well as our surroundings.  Nothing could be more fashionable than that!

Acts of kindness such as simple gestures that show you went out of your way to make someone feel special, welcomed, or at ease, are all at the root of etiquette.  Personally, even if we move ahead with the times, I believe such mannerism should never go out of style. 

Sometimes etiquette can also mean keeping up with traditionality – the kind that shows that you’ve taken the time just because someone is really worth it.  I’ve been thinking about this a lot these days as wedding season approaches.  Especially when it comes to invitations and, particularly thank you notes. I know that for practicality purposes and time constraints it’s now become totally acceptable to send out invites by email- generically.  We have become such a rushed society – we can’t even take a few minutes to hand write some thoughtful words of thanks; let alone mailing them out.  How sad to lose this personal touch!

Same goes for thank you notes.  I’ve received so many of these same email cards that too often I don’t feel there’s anything special about them at all.  And yet, the bottom line is that we live in a fast paced world and time is truly of essence.

I do get that we are all pressed for time.  But still.  Somehow we need to bring back personal touch and caring as a trend- at least in the way we write to each other to keep in touch or celebrate. And today I’m here to tell you that I think I’ve found a company who’s read my mind and created a handwritten note generator.   I was so delighted when I found out that Handwrytten is creating handwritten notes and cards that fit right into our busy 21c lifestyle while keeping it genuine and thoughtful! How?

Well, I just had to check out what the deal was- like I said, generic email cards just don’t do it for me. So basically, go to Handwrytten and you choose a card, type in your own personal message- and the handwritten note generator automatically turns it into a cursive handwritten note of your choice. That’s not all! They can make it so authentic by replicating your own handwriting and signature too.

Need to add a little something as a gift, say for a birthday? No problem, they will add in a gift card from Amazon, Starbucks and others. So even though we are busy online with very little time, we don’t have to give up being courteous when it comes to thinking of others and showing we care- especially with a beautiful personalized Handwrytten note.

Oh and there’s more- the card comes in a handwritten envelope as well- plus it’s mailed out with your return address and a real stamp! You can’t tell that it hasn’t actually been written by you. I am so smitten by this whole idea (I’m a big card giver- and even create my own artful ones)- that I can’t wait to give this a try. The other fun part is that you can also download their phone app and create on the go (gosh we are busy!). The point is that we have to acknowledge that no matter how fast we live and how little time we have, we must still opt for ways to not skip or edit out the small things that make life moments special. This is a creative solution for doing just that- thanks Handwrytten (see their About section here.)

Some things such as etiquette will never go out of style or fashion. Kindness will always be trendy, and a thoughtful handwritten note can be timeless and show that special someone that you care.

Check out this quick clip to see the Handwrytten robot in action- super cool!

Do you send out greeting/holiday cards? Which do you prefer to receive/ or send: Email or snail mail?

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  1. I can’t bear email birthday or leaving cards. I don’t open them because half the time you don’t know if you should trust the sender. It’s less about time than pure laziness, in my view. Nowadays kids can barely be bothered to send a text or WhatsApp to thank you for a generous gift. I like the sound of HandWryttn.

  2. I agree with you that etiquette and good manners are NOT stuffy and formal. It makes all the difference when we take the time to write a short, handwritten note for a greeting or a thank-you.
    Thank you for participating in Talent-Sharing Tuesdays Link-Up 20.

  3. I agree and love giving cards. I know getting old fashioned but there’s nothing like receiving a lovely card with kind words on it. Jacqui x

  4. Lucy, Thank you for sharing this on Traffic Jam Weekend. It has been chosen as a fave feature for this week’s link party that goes live on Thursday at 5:00 pm CST.

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