FASHIONABLE FRIDAY: What to Wear to a Baptism Ceremony

In our family, a Baptism is not only a very important religious sacrament, but it’s also very traditional in every sense; proper attire counts.  And because this is a fashion blog- the emphasis will be primarily on styling and lifestyle.  Suffice it to say that because the whole ceremony is traditional and therefore mostly formal- the attire must also reflect that. 

I’m going to narrow this down to Greek Orthodox and Italian Catholic baptisms and their formal wear…only because this is what I know best.  Styling may be different within other cultures- but these are mine, and so this is what I’ll delve into here. 

So what do you wear if you’re invited to a Greek or Italian Baptism?  Think formal- not as formal as wedding attire, but very close.  This goes for whether there is a reception afterwards or not.

My whole heart captured in this photo.

Here is my list of important tips for anyone attending a baptism. First rule of thumb: Better to be overdressed than underdressed!


1-Elegant maxis are fine, but not a must, although, dressy dresses are certainly top of the list. Elegant sets are also on point.

2- Stylish suits for men and women are also a good norm.  These should have an elegant and stylish feel that’s different from a business suit.

3-It’s ok to go glam- but make it day glam.  So soft coloured sequins is perfect, as are metallics- provided it doesn’t have an evening feel to it.

4-Elegant shoes; stilettos, high-heeled sandals, dressy platforms, low heeled dressy- are all perfect

5-The Mother, Grandmothers, Godmother- all should stand out from the rest; think a notch more elegant than the guests.  Diddo for the Dad, Grandfathers, and Godfather.

6-Men (guests) can wear a fine blazer and pants (tie is optional)

7-Cover up bare backs or shoulders with either a blazer or shawl


1-Pants that are too casual (men and women) torn jeans, sweatpants, leggings (no matter how trendy you think they are)

2-No casual flats, flip flops, sneakers, or loafers (unless that is all you can wear for health reasons), no sandals for men

3-No jean jackets, corduroy, Bermudas, shorts…

4-No crop tops, bare backs, midriffs…

5-No mini-mini skirts, no clubbing looks

These are the basic guidelines.  There is no judgement attached to this; only some suggestions for guests to feel at ease, comfortable and appropriate when attending such a respectable and formal ceremony.  This does take place in a Church, after all.  Basically, your look should be classy, formal, elegant, can be trendy, but most important of all, in good taste!

Last weekend was my Granddaughter Angelina Rose’s Christening! My youngest daughter is the Godmother.

Here we are the proud grandparents (Oh! And it was also our Wedding Anniversary!)

For this occasion I wore a Joseph Ribkoff vintage 80’s suit (you can tell from the shoulder pads!). I wore the jacket during the ceremony and took it off afterwards. The little dress is also so cute on its own I find. Paired the look with my Katherine Karambelas Italian gemmed necklace.

And these Wild Rose mirror- sandals are the cutest ever! I especially love the heel on these.

My sweetest of purses is this little pearl beaded gem- vintage Goldco made in Hong Kong.

And here’s my look of the day!

And don’t let anyone convince you that getting this dressed up will cost you a fortune…This gorgeous suit, sandals and bag cost me a little less than 45$ (combined estate sale and thrift). Great style is not about how much money you have- it’s about taste, flair and creativity!

What do you wear for your special occasions?

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Bisous my Lovies!

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  1. Stunning outfit and can’t believe the price! The shoes are fabulous, I had a similar pair in black. Have a great weekend x

  2. What a beautiful family you have! And, you look stunning in this outfit…and for $45!! Amazing! I still dress up even when going to regular church. I am one of the few at our little church. My oldest granddaughter’s middle name is Rose, too (it was my maiden name). Thank you for the link party!

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