STYLING CONFESSIONS: My 2-in-1 Dress Obsession

I love a good deal and I will not lie- especially when it comes to dresses. I have a personal obsession when it comes to shopping for a dress. I ask myself: Can I wear it backwards (meaning front to back and vice-versa)? I don’t only buy dresses that can be worn both ways- but when I find one that can- I buy it without thinking twice!

So many styling possibilities come to mind!

There are many advantages to getting this type of dress- and the first one being that you get more bang for your buck, is certainly worthwhile all on its own. But there’s more to it! Changing up the look is what makes it so versatile. And I’m talking in terms of where, how, when you will wear it. Just by flipping a dress around, you can make it ether more casual, or dressy- and that will depend on where you want to where it and what will lend to the occasion.

I explain it here in this short 35 second video clip:

Here is my look for the dress styled the way it was designed to be worn:

And here it is worn backwards:

Of course, switching the dress around will also influence how you will accessorize it.

Lastly, I love a dress that comes with its own detachable trimmings. Example a flower, like I had on this dress. I immediately cut it off and put it on a pin, so that I can re-use for the dress, or on any other dress or top for that matter!

Here are the 2 looks side-by-side.

Confession of the day: I have done this to numerous dresses (and tops) of mine. Note: If you see me wearing either a dress or top that is high neck- chances are I’m wearing it front-to-back. And frankly, 9 out of 10 times, I prefer the backwards look!

Question: Do you do this too? Tell me in the comments below- and add a link for me to check it out, if you’ve posted about it!

Stay tuned for my next Confession, because there’s always something fashionable I need to get off my chest. Keep on rocking your dopamine styling my Lovies!

8 thoughts on “STYLING CONFESSIONS: My 2-in-1 Dress Obsession

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  1. Oh, I love it, Lucy! I have two dresses that I can think of right off the bat that I have that are reversible:

    1. This recently-purchased bizarre textile black dress – I’m wearing it backwards (scroll down, 2nd look): – it’s meant to be worn with the lower neckline at the back.
    2. This sequined dress, shown in Flashback here: – I have layered so many tops under it and have worn it both ways. It’s a fantastic dress and is a forever keeper because of how versatile it is.

  2. I absolutely do this!! There are times I’ve bought a dress or top, and it’s just too low cut. Turn it around, and you’ve usually got a completely different look as well as not exposing too much of yourself (I usually don’t care about that…but sometimes, it’s not appropriate).

  3. Such a slick idea! This totally makes 2 dresses in 1 with the styling remix. You look amazing there, Lucy!

    I’m wearing some sneakers and a prairie dress in my new post because it’s all about summer comfort right now! 🙂


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