Fashionable Friday- This Week’s Looks and a Linkup!

We’ve had some gorgeous weather in Montreal this week- And that called for much dress styling around here!

Italians say: Rosso di sera, bel tempo si spera. Red skies in the evening hope for beautiful weather the next day…This happened pretty much all week-long!

This week’s looks began with last Saturday’s first venture…I was off to a local refuge to get acquainted with a 1 year-old pup recently brought in from Mexico.

I fell in love immediately- but had to make sure I wasn’t allergic. Everything was fine while I interacted with her (for almost an hour). But then, when I got home- Oh Dear! The allergies wouldn’t stop. What a let-down for both pup and I. I was so sad. My daughter thinks that maybe it wasn’t the pup herself, but rather that she was not washed and was amongst so many other dogs…maybe that was what triggered it all? In any case, does anyone know of any cure for this? I don’t want to keep having to go to breeders for non-shedding dogs- I really want to rescue instead. Please let me know in your comments.

The good news is though…She got adopted- so she is now in a home (too bad it’s not mine!!)

About the dress: maxi linen dress with a ruffle bottom. Fresh for the hot weather.

This past weekend was also Italfest! Usually we have Italian Week in August – but this year, Montreal has changed that from one week to the whole month of August! So Italians can celebrate in different areas around town. We went to Little Italy. As usual, the food, music, dancing, kiosques were all great. Here’s a pic of an Italian singer singing a patriotic song while people sang along and danced. This was very emotional for me as it reminded me of my dad…

Here’s what I wore to Italian fest:

I love this cute little Target dress- the necklace is attached to the dress!

Monday had me posting a fabulous vintage jumpsuit I purchased from La Retro Girl. I wore it for our Thrifty Six Collaboration (see more here).

Got this eyelet cotton dress at Nordstrom’s last February in Florida- finally got to wear it!

Wednesday’s Collaboration for #wearitwednesday

The theme was ruffles, so what better than this butter yellow tiered dress by Vero Moda. This is another one of those I can wear backwards if I choose. I wore it the right way in these pics, layered over a white bralette; which was necessary as the top part is a little too floaty on me. Loved pairing these vintage glass beads with it. And gold strappy sandals from The Hudson’s Bay polished off the look.

The rest of the week and in between, here are more OOTD’s:

Walking Charlie in this maxi tank cotton dress. Mustard is the other yellow I love.

I adore this little DVF dress!! The cute sneakers I got in Greece this summer; from Voi e Noi.

I’ll have to show you a better pic of this next dress that I got in Greece. It was created by a local designer there (who doesn’t have Instagram or a website- yet). It’s flowy and the straps around the collar can be worn in different ways. It also has a ruffle at the bottom.

It’s Now Time for the LINKUP!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

Click here to enter!

Remember to please leave me a comment- I love those! Especially about what to do when you want another pup so bad but can’t handle your allergies! Thanks.

See you next week- Bisous!!

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    1. Thanks so much Mireille! That Target one is my fave too. I’m catching up on your blog as well- time flies and before you know it, another week has gone by!

  1. I have always heard that dogs that have hair rather than fur are hypoallergenic. That would include Westies (which I love and have had three). You can usually find a Westie rescue. I love all of your looks, Lucy! Your gorgeous tan makes each of the dresses really pop! Thanks so much for the link party!

    1. Thank you Marsha:) Yes I’ve heard that as well- that’s why I have had Yorkies an also poodles. A Westie too would be wonderful…there’s just hardly ever any in our shelters.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation in Greece! And happy birthday to you! Love all of your outfits, and hope you find the perfect non-allergic pooch to love. Thanks for the link up party, and have a good weekend!

  3. Such a shame about the pup but at least he went to a good home. Amazing selection of outfits as always. Can’t wait to see more of the Greek dress. Love the Target dress and the eyelet dress!

  4. You look so fabulous and happy, my friend! I am so sorry that you couldn’t adopt that sweet pup. But I am glad that she found a home. I love the Italfest pictures! What a special place and event for you.


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