Styling Confessions: What I Wore in Greece

This summer I had one of the most memorable vacations in Greece- ever; as some of you may already know, my son got married there! Today I’m here to spill out some fashion details of how it all went down; wedding outfit and vacay styling. Let’s start with what I wore to the Welcome Party my husband and I hosted for all of our out-of-town guests who flew in for the wedding.

I wore a blue/turquoise jumpsuit that I purchased on a whim the day before! I happened to spot it in a boutique close to our Athens home and fell in love immediately. It is locally sourced and created- so that impressed me even more. I love how simple yet beautiful this jumpsuit is.

Next: The piece de resistance…my Mother-of -the Groom dress!

The bride and groom had decided that their bridal party (parents included) were going to be all in white. Although I wasn’t too sure about this at the beginning…the complete looks were splendid, pristine and ultimately elegant. That being said…how do you go about getting an original dress in white without outshining the bride? That was my concern. Puhlease!! Take a look at the bride- there’s no way anyone could have outshone her- she was incredibly stunning- a real WOW!

So my best option was to get something made by the bridal boutique where my daughter-in-law, and her mom got their dress. This way I was sure to keep in line with what would be beautiful and ultimately appropriate. Lucy, the owner of Dress Scoop was not only incredibly helpful- but she is so fashion forward as well. I loved her patience and professionalism. Her seamstress Francesca, who is unbelievably talented, and a master creator, confected the most elegant dress I own to date. Her input was precious.

I opted for pure silk for the dress and, as a first look, tulle to cover my arms and shoulders, making it very appropriate for the religious ceremony. I then finalized the look with an elegant fascinator.

As a second look, I wanted something a little more fun- more of a party and dance feel. Lucy suggested to remove the tulle and fascinator, and accessorize with a gorgeous white shimmering beaded collar/shawl.

What do you think?

Now let’s move on to the rest of the looks worn during this hot and beautiful vacation. The looks are light, fresh and breathable. Tip: When going to Greece, do yourself a favor and just leave all your poly fabrics and dark clothes home- it’s just way too hot! Stick to cottons, linens, and silks- and for the most part keep those legs free in either shorts, skirts or dresses. You’ll thank me later. Here is what I wore, let’s talk beach and hats…

I wore this little Greek-key dress so much. I loved how freeing the one sleeve felt and looked. Super cute.

Out and about in this cute chiffon layered dress…

Nothing beats a silk maxi in my opinion. This kept me looking chic and fresh day or evening.

Who says you can’t wear your pyjamas out lol! Nothing more suave than this silk set, and I got so many compliments!

Lime green has got to be one of my favourite go-to summer colours. I wore this dress everywhere! Worn as a beach cover-up, to a quick shopping spree, and out to supper as well. I just changed footwear and accessories. Love!

Last but not least, my absolute favourite dress of this vacation was this bright yellow Hugo Boss stunner. I got this one on sale at the Hugo Boss boutique in the McArthur Glen outlets in Athens. Got it for my birthday- what a stunner!

So remember, the key to dressing for Greece during the summer is to think light and cool! Anything you think is light enough to wear, rethink! Here’s a last one of me wearing another cute white cotton dress; sadly I don’t have a full-length photo for you; it’s a straight cut just over the knee. Well, at least you can see the best part of the dress which is the ruffled sleeves.

Lastly, besides the wedding, I wore flat sandals with mostly everything. So no need to pack more than one set of heels- just bring along a few pairs of flat sandals in metallic, white or another fun colour and you will be set to go!

What do you love wearing on vacation? Let me know!

Confession of the day: I’m a sucker for yellow.

Stay tuned for my next Confession, because there’s always something fashionable I need to get off my chest. Keep on rocking your dopamine styling my Lovies!

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  1. You do look stunning in yellow, Lucy! I love all your gorgeous looks – and your Mother-of-the-Bride dress is so elegant! I love the beaded shawl addition for dancing – I bet you sparkled under the stars!

    I also pack light dresses when I travel, but my main strategy is that I take things I don’t want anymore and I leave them behind. That way, I always have room for the stuff I buy! In contrast to my usual at-home maximalism, I’m a very minimalist traveler – I can usually manage with a backpack for up to a week.

    1. Wow I wish I could be like you and travel light! I really am not one to give advice on how to pack for travel as I always take too much! Thanks for your lovely comment- I do love yellow and the beaded collar!

  2. Oh, my goodness, Lucy! Your dress for the wedding was gorgeous, and you were stunning in it! What a smart idea to just change out the tulle for the beads! That is definitely my favorite look, but all of the rest are just as fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing!

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