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Fashionable Friday has me all geared up for a weekend filled with sunshine (that’s the weather forecast so far!) and lots of moving around. There’s something to say about September- always feels like a new beginning (more so than New Year’s for me). I feel this is the best time to get moving and getting fit- the weather is super conducive for that as well. The outdoor weather is cooler, fresh but still filled with sunshine. Lately, I’ve been walking as much as I can, either with the pooch, or on my own- I just make it a point to walk! I’ve been hitting an average of 12000 to 14000 steps per day, wow!

The next best thing that keeps me revitalized at this time of year is getting back into biking- even more than during the hot summer months. I have this thing for foldable bikes… it started way back when I was a kid during my summers in Italy. I used to ride a Graziella. Have you ever seen one? I kept that bike forever it seems; rode it only in Italy…memories! I’ve had different bikes since, but most of them have always been folding bikes. The last one was vintage, but it was so hard to pedal and also had the back pedal breaks…didn’t keep it. Here’s a pic of a Graziella I found on the Folding Cyclist.com:

Presently, we have two Schwinn folding bikes and they are so much fun. Not sure if it’s because they are so light, or better for me to manoeuvre, but I feel so confident on these graceful bikes. And let’s not get started on practicality for travel anywhere! I’ve been looking into the Brompton bikes lately. They are all the rave in London, since forever. But definitely, the next one will be electric- and that’s in the very near future I hope.

Do you have a bike preference? Anyone out there with the same love for folding bikes as me?

Another special thing about September is my youngest’s b-day! We’ll be celebrating that on Saturday, so I’ll be showing you that next week. Meanwhile, let’s get into the styling!

What I Wore This Week

Noticed that I’ve been really into denim this week- in almost everything I wore!

And take a look at this cutie jean dress with just the right amount of sparkle. This one is such a great transition piece. Here I’m wearing it with my cinderella sandals, but I love it with white sneakers too (especially platform ones).

But the cherry on top for this week’s looks has got to be this incredible outfit!! The top and jacket-which are the stars of this parade are by Eva Varro. How crazy gorgeous is this? I love this slinky fabric that drapes so well-and the colours are insanely stunning. Dopamine Styling to the max.

You can shop the Eva Varro Collection online

– Or – on her Instagram

Shop for similar products as all the ones that I’ve posted today :

Time for a LINKUP my Beauties- Are you ready?!!

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Have a great weekend my Lovies!


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  1. Hi Lucy!
    I am just getting around to some blogs now, dealing with PN is no fun. Your bike is so cooll and congrats on walking that many steps! It does feel good though . I was running but now with this I walk, either outside with my pup or treadmill. Love the outfits , especially the colorful look with the yellow. Fab color palette!
    jess xx

    1. Oh Jess I’m so happy to hear from you! I do hope you are starting to feel better! And, yes that bike is super cool I love it! Walking is super good, I prefer to running as it just makes me take in all that surrounds me. Thanks so much- please take care xx

  2. You look so good on that bike! And I love your Eva Varro outfit, so colourful. Your posts always make me smile. Bisous!

    1. Thank you Marsha! Oh folding bikes are the best! You’ll be so happy when you notice how easily you can transport them anywhere. And they’re so quirky too- they just make everyone smile!

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