The Language of Colour

Today we look at styling through colour- and the language of colour. Yes, dressing up in bright clothes can be fun and trendy- but there’s a deeper meaning to it all! Why do you choose to wear certain colours over others? Is it about trends, seasons, morphology, a uniform…? Some colours (as those for specific uniforms) may not necessarily be worn by choice- today I want to address those that are.

For the most part, when purchasing an outfit, people will gravitate towards colour and texture, way before style. That’s how important colour actually is, even if we don’t really stop to think about it- we just naturally choose and shop this way. In reality, colour communicates how you want to feel, or how you want to be perceived. There’s a message in colour. Just think of the obvious colour you’d wear to a funeral, for example: Black is serious. Black is neutral. Black is void of emotion; making it the perfect choice for mourning. Yet, if you change the fabric and add some sparkle, black will transmit a whole new message.

So colour is not only about how it makes you feel- it’s also about how others feel around you when you’re wearing one, or, a combination of colours. Let’s take the funeral example- what if you showed up wearing a bright yellow and orange outfit…what could be the message you’d be giving; how could it be interpreted?

Colour is a language in itself. And although numerous important studies revolve around the science of colour and how it affects our behaviour, most people think of colour in styling as just a fun but rather superficial topic. I challenge you to use January as the month to specifically pay attention to colour when you get dressed-and see if it makes a differencein your mood, behaviour- or tat of others. Jodie is holding a challenge on Instagram and also over at her blog: Jodie’s Touch of Style and on Facebook– I encourage you to get inspired by this and join the challenge.

Go ahead and take the time to journal your emotions and those of the people you come in contact with during this month. Pick your favourite colour to wear and think about why you’re choosing to wear it. Do you alternate between several favorites? Is it more a choice of hues or brightness? How do you feel in your choice? What are people’s reactions? Has your mood improved?

Join the colour movement and watch January turn from dreary to bright!

Please check out Jodie’s blog to get more inspiration. And please share some of your colourful looks in the comments below- make me smile!

Meanwhile, here’s my brightest of January looks! It doesn’t get any more Dopamine Styling than this for me…I mean pink, orange, gold AND sparkly?!!


I especially want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming around and reading my blog. I love your support and truly appreciate each and everyone of you. It means a lot- you’re a big part of why I keep writing. My blog is my happy place- it’s where I share my deepest passion for what I love to do : Styling, teaching and writing! Getting dressed is so important…and it’s the one thing everyone has in common- we all get dressed- May as well do it in style!

Thanks for being there- I love you all xx

P.S. The Linkup is on hiatus for now…

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  1. I love this – I’ve been feeling blue (hmm…have I been wearing it??) and some bright colour always makes me feel better. Thanks for the reminder and inspo, Lucy! I know how much people loved it when I wore brights during the early days of the pandemic, so I need to turn that on myself.

    A very Happy New Year to you, my fashion-loving friend!

  2. Oh that last outfit – the dress is so perfect on you Lucy! 🙂

    I agree, I think colour can be a real mood booster, and I’ve been trying to be more colourful with my outfits over the years. it’s just so much more fun!

    Happy new year 🙂

  3. Fabulous color! I love jewel tones, and neons. To me, bright colors are happy. It what I want to feel and to communicate. I quilt so that I can play with color. I make jewelry so I can play with color. And I incorporate that same love into fashion. Great post, Lucy!


  4. This was a wonderful post, Lucy! I like more muted colors in winter and feel beautiful in them. I tend to use bright colors more in my accessories or in the patterns in skirts! Come summer, I’m all about the bright colors! I am trying to figure out if my bright colors qualify as Jodie’s bright colors…hahaha!! Please feel free to join me for a link party on the 10th!

  5. I love that dramatic bright pink print scarf! I think sometimes people get the mind set that color = childish, clownish and that neutrals = grown-up, serious. But you prove on a regular basis that colorful AND chic is so possible!

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