Paris Street Fashion

Need some styling inspiration? Magazines and social media aren’t cutting it? I strongly recommend you hit the city streets and check out what people are wearing…in real life. And what’s even more fun is people watching when you’re traveling. That’s exactly what I did last October when Paris street fashion became my obsession. I snapped photos of interesting looks- specifically looks that caught my eye and needed to be documented.

As much as I thought I’d be seeing the typical stereotypical chic but subdued French look, I got more than I bargained for- and I’m so happy about that! Yes, I saw many creative, stylish, fashionable looks- but I also saw just as many neutrals and dressed down leisure looks as well. And that, I didn’t expect! Mostly though, the looks did spike my curiosity with a whole new level of styling energy. Yes, lots of dopamine styling in the air.

So here are a slew of photos of what I captured for this last post in my Paris Fashion Project series, just for you!

Such an amazing quilt coat!

And what does one pack to wear for Paris street fashion walking-and-watching? A French vintage coat of course! This maxi beauty by is light but still cozy warm as it is one hundred percent merino wool. Too bad I forgot to bring it along- but it would have looked so good!

But! here’s the knockout I did end up buying at Daisy’s – the local shop in Marais, see it here. And I got a gorgeous foulard there too- of course!

This concludes my PARIS FASHION PROJECT. I hope you enjoyed it- Meet me in the comments!

# ConfessionOfTheDay: Coats are my biggest obsession- you can almost say I’m a collector. Anyone else relate?

This concludes my PARIS FASHION PROJECT. I hope you enjoyed it! And if you missed some here are the links for this series:

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  1. I love seeing street fashion! You snapped quite a bit of colour which surprised me, I think of the French as chic but unadventurous with colour. Love the texture of your coat. I don’t have enough closet space to become a coat collector, sadly x

  2. Fun photos! That said, these styles do not match what I have thought of as French. I’ve typically thought the French were into minimalism and neutrals. Lots of bright pieces in these photos.

  3. I’d love to people watch, its fascinating isn’t it! Love the coat too Lucy, what a find. Jacqui x

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