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Documenting your looks can be super helpful for both inspiration and for tracking your style evolution. It’s also a great way to keep inventory of all that you own- so that you don’t fall into a mindless, rebuying-same-stuff, hole over and over again! This can be done not only on Instagram- you can also create your style diary on Pinterest, a moodboard, an actual physical journal- or- right on your blog- as many of you already do! Keeping, what I call a versatile style diary, is super useful to me and I think it may work for you as well. Especially if you create different themes to keep it interesting.

What do I mean by versatile? A style diary can contain looks that are not only yours! You can document other people’s looks that you’ve collected from magazines, online, from a party you attended, streetwear…it’s endless! This is also really convenient when you run out of ideas of what to put in your style diary.

Personally, I keep several moodboards and style journals of trends, couture, streetwear…etc. It’s super important for my teaching, as this is a necessary tool for my fashion students- indispensable! So, naturally this style diary obsession of mine will often trickle down to my Instagram for sure- but what I really enjoy the most is posting the looks right here on my blog. Lately, I’ve also included my Street looks I shot when I was in Paris– and I loved sharing this with you all. Actually, this is what has prompted me to write this post!

I had to snap this pic in Paris- the coat was just too amazing!

As it stands, I already post my looks on a regular base- well at least twice a month (I’d like it to be more often though!). However I do think I will be adding street looks, or street fashion more often, as well as other inspirations that I’m getting from other sources around me. It’s all gonna go into my Style Dairy!

So here’s what I’ve been wearing lately.

Not sure if you’ve seen the reel I posted on Instagram where I’m wearing this colourful outfit? I got this amazing fun top in Paris and finally got to wear it! It worked super well with this wild print mix and both cowboy boots and animal print ones.

Still mad about these green boots- but couldn’t wear them the whole day long to teach, so I changed it up with my fun snakeskin booties. And once again I’ve got the animal print thing going on! Obsessed is putting it mildly.

Because of these green boots, I’ve been wearing so much green!

I also joined the gals in # Wearitwednesday in wearing red this Wednesday in February, to raise heart disease awareness. Loved wearing my red animal print (again) leggings, with this super cozy, large sweater. But, I know, it’s the red boots that steal the show! Sorry that the colours aren’t true to how bright this look really was.

Here’s another teaching look I wore. I love this vest that I style over a leatherette dress. I find it completes the look while keeping it edgy-professional, if that’s even a thing!

So that was it for this quick fly-by January. Let’s see what looks I’ll bring into February.

How about you, what do you think about expanding your style inspirations? Meet you in the comments!

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  1. I think “Edgy Professional” is definitely a look, Lucy! I deploy it as well!

    I love street looks – they are so inspiring! I wish Victoria denizens would step up their game a bit! I so seldom see great creativity here – it’s a bit depressing!

    Loving your gorgeous print top (reminds me of Pucci) and those green boots have me gobsmacked! Fabulous!

    I enjoyed doing “Flashbacks” of some of my outfits during the pandemic – it really helped me to see how I got stuck in ruts (or not!) with specific items.

    Happy weekend!

    1. Happy weekend Sheila! Oh you are the best at documenting your looks- which are always oh-so fabulous! Ye that professional-edgy is a good one lol! I intend to use it more often! And the top does give a Pucci vibe- you’re so right! Thanks hon xx

    1. Hi Marsha! That coat sure looks like Kantha to me…I didn’t dare get close enough lol! I’m gonna try to get better at this streetstyle photography coz I love it!

  2. Street style is always inspiring in my eyes. Also love those green boots! And I never cared much for ballerinas, but lately I think they are effortless chic.

  3. I love these outfits, Lucy! You have such unique pieces in your wardrobe, like the top from Paris and those fabulous green boots. I really like the idea of a style diary. I have diaries for my quilt projects, my jewelry, writing ideas, I can’t believe I missed this style. Thanks for sharing.


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