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The super cold weather here in Montreal had me styling some pretty comfy cozy looks with a touch of chic this week. As well, you all know how much I love a bright print- and yet, these days I’ve been pining for neutrals and darker hues. On thing that’s remained pretty constant is my true obsession with animal print. It seems to interject itself into all my looks- but hey- I consider animal print a neutral…so like I was saying, lots of neutrals this week. Let’s get started!

I usually start out my Mondays with a look that shakes me out the door – something with pizzazz. This one may not immediately appear as a super comfy cozy look- but it’s still in warm neutrals and because of the velvet fabric, it did feel snuggly! Of course I had to add a dash of bling, so my Versace reversible belt added just the right touch. I beat the Monday blues!

Midweek I decided to wear this turtleneck dress which I thought would look quite stylish with my Veramoda over-the-knee boots. These boots feel like butter and they fit my too-thin calves (finally!) so smoothly. I love the look! But then, if you can imagine, I still felt cold! So I upped the look with a fun multi-coloured faux fur vest (these will never be out of style for me!). And there you have another of my comfy cozy looks which I find is perfection- love!

Transforming a dull look into a creative cozy comfy look…

My next look was prompted by the incredible number of DM’s I got on how to make my signature cuffs. Seriously, this is one item of my wardrobe that I always get the most comments and questions about. So this week, I decided to make a reel and talk about cuffs and how they add style to any outfit. Truly, this grey dress is nothing special- I mean AT ALL. But the cuffs add to it- especially since I have quite the aversion to mid- sleeves! And, I’m always cold and need a sweater over this type of sleeve- so out came the idea of cuffs.

Another thing I did was to add a brooch to the turtleneck- because besides mid-sleeves, there’s nothing I dislike more than a choking turtleneck, so here’s the solution! Oh, and I should add that a fun pair of tights is always a good idea for revamping a dress. This transformed my initially very dull outfit, into a super stylish- and most creative, out of the three comfy cozy looks I wore, don’t you think?

For my Super easy tip on how I make cuffs- You can go check out my reel here!

We still have a few weeks of super chilly weather…so stay tuned for more of these comfy cozy type of looks. What have you been wearing? Meet me in the comments.


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  1. Awesome outfits, Lucy! I am drooling over your Versace belt! I have quite a collection of animal print myself, but I don’t think I’ve ever mixed them this creatively. I love your cuffs – they really do transform that grey dress. I love a good quality solid dress like this – they can be accessorized so many ways. I have a gorgeous wool Romeo Gigli that is very similar.

    Happy weekend to you, my friend!

  2. I adore these three looks!! Pinned. I can see why you love those OTK boots. Sublime. I love the cuffs treatment too.

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