Coping with the Winter Blues…in Style

For some of us January means back to work, and a new beginning with that new semester. For teachers, it means the winter session is here. Unlike the fresh start in September, after a great summer holiday, the winter session presents itself right after the exhausting and over consuming Christmas break (what break?). There’s really no feeling of being re-energized; if ever, most of us are feeling exhausted and groggy from too much food, partying and late nights. I guess people on contract work can also relate- it’s the new beginning thing (without the enthusiasm due to our physical state) that can be a problem. But- that’s only if we let it! Let’s see what can be done to cope with the winter blues…in style.

Here’s me diving right into some of my favourite books I use to teach

How to Cope with the Winter Blues

Here are a few tips that actually do wonders for me…


  • Catch up on sleep! Let’s start by weaning off late nights on Netflix – not completely! Save them for the weekend.
  • Cold or not, get back into regular walks. The cold air is great for snapping you out of that groggy lethargic mode.
  • Drink more water- no, I mean lots of water. It’s the natural detox, didn’t you know?
  • Allocate fixed times for all that needs to be done. Don’t make over-exaggerated long lists just to catch up on having left it all to the last minute! Take breaks and close it all up before suppertime. Tomorrow is another day.

FOR YOUR STYLE…(this too though is for your mental health!).

  • Add cool layers to your simple look. Cocooning helps with feeling super comfy and looking laissez-faire and stylish.
  • Add colour of course! Nothing is better than getting through bland dreary weather than dressing up in colour. (Remember the dopamine effect for your mental health!).
  • Footwear is everything. A great bootie or boot can change everything- elevating your look to another level.
  • Northern girls go on and splurge on a fun coat (after all, that’s the thing you’re mostly seen wearing!)

Here I am all ready for my walks. Loving my fun print coat, I got in Paris. And if I have to wear black, I love to add a dash of pizzazz with a gorgeous bright scarf. But my very favourite funky stylish coat is this black, red and white beauty.

As for the indoors, layering is everything. What could be better than this Missoni vintage style pattern by Twiggy of Paris? It literally goes with everything I own due to the array of colours. And for a splash of interest, why not a lush pair of velvet booties- my faves in this burgundy shade. Talk about a great way to beat the winter blues!

These vintage velvet booties always make a statement.

How is going back to work after the holidays working out for you? Please share how you beat the winter blues. Meet me in the comments.

Talk about coping with the winter blues in style!!!

Here are some similar looks for what I wore:

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    1. Yes these boots are totally amazing and fun- thanks! Being a summer lover I can’t ever imagine getting the blues in August- for me the sunshine is so important…but starting a brand new year or semester can do it that’s for sure!

  1. Your argument to wear a fun colored coat is very convincing for me as a far North gal. You are almost talking me into buying a coat that’s on my Lust list. Walks in the cold when the Sun is out are my favorites for self pampering. Everything is painted in light orange and pink due to the low Sun. It’s a beautiful winter wonderland. The snow and ice crystals against the black spruce and blue sky really elevate the mood.

  2. Happy New Year, Lucy! I love your colourful Parisian coat – that’s a kick of dopamine right there! I find this time of year a struggle, mentally, and need to plan some bright outfits stat! Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I love your cardigan and the coat you bought in Paris! I really struggle with January but wearing colourful clothes helps a lot! Thanks for linking up Lucy!

    Emma xxx

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