Shop Your Closet- Or -These Thrill-of-The- Hunt Places!

Turns out that the perfect jacket I was shopping for, was actually the one I was wearing!

I’ve been rooting for the ‘shop your closet’ concept for a while now over on my Instagram account- and for good reason; it’s an-all-around good thing!

And with all that’s happening in the world today…I feel it’s time we take a closer look at how we live our lives, and put things in perspective…even, (if not more) when it comes to fashion. 

Shopping your closet will inspire you to not only feed your creativity, but also entice you to become more caring for our environment.  And need I mention how soothing this will be for your pocket?

There is a strong movement towards sustainability, and this includes up and coming, as well as, well established Fashion Designers.  Slowly everyone is getting on board- and shopping your closet is a way to start!  So my very first suggestion would be to check what you have and get creative.  First on my list would be to alter your clothes of course! See my article on that here:  Fashionable DIY Styling- A Must!

Yet, there are always some additional pieces that we may have to add to our wardrobe, and purchasing is necessary…However, it can still be done conscientiously.  Second-hand rentals or consignment shops are constantly sprouting such as The Real Real for example.  Still on the higher end, we also have LXR, which is a concession now available online in the larger department stores.   Then there are your swap meets, where ladies meet and swap clothing.  There are your local non-profit charities that have set up shop to raise funds for a certain cause; for example here in Montreal we have the Nova shops

And of course, there is always the Salvation Army and Village des Valeurs, to name a few.

I personally love Vintage clothes and those can be found in numerous treasure shops on St. Denis Street and Boul. St. Laurent- One such gem is Boutique 1861. Another that comes to mind if you are on the West Island is La Friperie du village (he has gorgeous designer bags!!!).  Montreal, like New York, is filled with these gems- all you need is the thrill of the hunt- and you’ll find what you want! Check out:  The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Shopping in Montreal.

Bottom line:  Create designer looks that you want, but that also fit your budget.

Here’s another idea: Why not set up a closet dress-up day with some friends? You can arrange to have a swap-time. Or, why not have a good friend come over for some ideas? She could show you how she would style up some of your clothes. Sometimes we might need a fresh pair of eyes to open up or view!

Lastly, here’s how this Montreal Diva re-vamps her looks…just by shopping my closet!

Gucci vibes- just right for a special birthday supper.
Prairie dress anyone?
Or maybe a chic velvet moment…just look at those sleeves!
And for when work prescribes black- I’ve had this chain little sweater for years and still loving it.
And here comes another black look…
Probably one of my favourite looks for this winter- especially the arm warmers- love!
Cozy sweaters for a dressed-down Saturday look
Burgundy love for this Saturday one
Speaking of burgundy…My love of jumpsuits had me shopping my daughter’s closet that time!!
Am I the only one crazy for bell-bottoms? Another Saturday look.
Overloaded teacher look
Tough teacher look – ya right.
This one: Just because mixing prints is my passion. How can I not love this?!
There’s just something about a good coat. Statement piece.
Speaking of Statement pieces: This one is the piece de resistance…My mom’s 1950’s coat
And another pic- just because I can’t resist this delicious coat!

These fabulous, and easy styles are all from my closet. Take the time to play dress-up from your wardrobes, Ladies…You never know what you’re gonna find!

#Confessionoftheday: you’re never too old to walk your own runway!

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    1. Thanks so much! And- altering is the best, I find it so much fun. Breathing new life into old pieces is perfect!

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