How does a Montreal Girl Adapt Her Styling to the Summer Season?

There’s a saying here in Montreal; We have two seasons: July and Winter.  Not quite true- but close enough! It can take forever to get us into warm weather- but when it hits, it’s scorching.  It doesn’t last though as our fall arrives quite fast.  And our summers can be so temperamental!  So how does a Montreal girl shop or plan her wardrobe to meet the fussy weather?


  1. Avoid shopping too early for summer wear.  We are so eager to see sunshine that some of us begin shopping for summer as soon as the very tricky warm rays appear in early spring. But our weather is tricky! Hold back.
  2. Over shopping (because of over-positivity) is another downfall.  Again, hold back.
  3. Avoid too trendy.  We can get carried away when we find the perfect summer dress- and overspend.  Consider how many wears you will get out of it?
  4. Instagram and advertising is not always geared to your country’s weather.  Some little summer dresses can be divine in Florida…but don’t quite work for long in Montreal.  Same can be said for the colours and patterns in vogue from a tropical place to a northern climate.
  5. Shopping while away on vacation (where it’s usually way hotter than back home), can be very tempting- but I don’t recommend it.  Unless you are shopping for vacation only!

It’s best to give all these some serious consideration, if you don’t want to overfill your closets with things that will just hang there…for you to maybe wear next summer (if you even get a chance).  And remember that trends change!


  1. Transitional is wise.  Invest in pieces that will carry you from fall to spring – and the occasional cool days of summer.  One good trick is to opt for florals or patterns that go for all seasons. 
  2. The advantages of color.  Keeping several light colored pieces, even if the fabric is a little heavier, will work for summer; as will lighter fabric clothing in darker colors work year round as well. 
  3. Layering is key! Invest in pieces that can be layered, or, that are the layering pieces.
  4. Scarves!  I can’t say enough about this incredible accessory!  Easily turns into a mini top for summer, or a cover up for cooler temps.
  5. Blazers: An absolute must for all seasons- yes, summer too! You can wear your halters no problem and be all set when the chilly wind pops in (coz it will!).
  6. If you need change, and shop you must, then why not give thrifting or vintage shopping a try?  This will be an all-around win-win situation for your pocket, your taste, and the environment.

This is not everything- but it’s a good start.  We adore summer, but for us Northern girls, let’s be honest with ourselves…it really is our shortest season (so sad!!).

Here are a few looks that can work for more than just one season, while still being perfect for northern weather (like in Montreal or New York). We all know there are days like this- where the sun has turned its back to warm some other place!:

Wore this mid June. This mixed print outfit is in a very light cotton blend- but because the colours are darker, it also would work for fall (with booties!)
Here’s the same outfit worn with a jean jacket and a scarf. This pic was taken same day as above (mid June!! ) It was still cold! The straw bag brings in the element of summer- it helps make the outfit work. As you can see, this outfit can easily be transitional for fall. And what about the scarf? Like I mentioned, you can wear them on chillier days like I did with this look.
Light breezy fabric once again- in this case no matter that the skirt is sheer, it’s animal print and it works all year round (again picture this look with booties!) The little black vest also works all year-round. For this particular day I wore the bright yellow top with the vest to give it an accent. On very warm days I can wear this same look: Vest, no blouse. Perfect!
Now how can this look be transitional you ask? First of all the plaid shorts are of heavier material (wool blend – good for both summer and winter), and I’m wearing a leatherette jacket. The color white gives it its summer look. Yet if I were to recopy this look with thick tights and boots, it would be perfect for fall!

Like I said, blazers are always a good idea. See how this works for both summer and even all year round. Because they’re shorts, it still works that this is a thicker kind of material.
Again, using all-year-round material like leather, and long sleeves in a warm tone -even if in a light fabric, can be worn all year-round (think tights for fall and winter).

And so here you have it. Note: these outfits you probably saw me style before. And for good reason, they are timeless- fashionable always. My way of shopping my closet and re-inventing as I go along!

Don’t think of this as limiting! In fact think of this as creative, and money well-spent! Your wardrobe will get you through for longer periods of time while being good for your pocket as well as the environment. Stretching clothing use, wear and re-wear is where fashion is at right now. Do your part and look the part, smart and gorgeous.

Take care my lovely Fashion Divas xx

#Confessionoftheday: These tips are tried and tested- not only in my professional styling opinion…but I have been known to shop for the cutest summer dresses (and in different colours!) to never wear them more than once…sad, I know. But true.

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Have a great week!

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  1. Hello Lucy,

    You have a fabulous sense of style. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful tips.

    My Best.

    1. I adore Florida weather!! We have a condo there and when we go, I never ever want to leave! Thanks:) xx

  2. These are great tips! It’s so easy to get swept away by cute photos, sales and just plain excitement with a new season to overbuy. IG is seriously so bad for that because there’s always something new on the daily! Yikes! Btw, I love your printed pants – it is unique and that leopard skirt of course caught my eye! I am such a fan of this print – you can’t go wrong with it at all. I hope you are having a great weekend so far and happy Saturday!

    Maureen |

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment! Seems like we share the same taste in clothes! Glad you enjoyed my tips- Have a wonderful week xx

  3. These are good tips! And lovely outfits! Here I have the problem for the opposite season – I want to buy all the knits and cardigans when it starts to cool off but we don’t need that many winter pieces here in Queensland, haha! I’m trying not to buy any winter pieces this year but I did buy two scarves already oops!

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup!

    Hope your week is off to a good start! 🙂 We spent some time at the beach today 🙂

    1. That’s so funny!! I would trade snow for sunshine all year round- and maybe one day in retirement I will! Love linking up with you! Enjoy the beach!! xx

  4. Great Post!
    I live in Florida and must practice this in reverse.
    I love fall and winter fashions…but vacation in the north only twice a year if lucky.


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