Why Styling Challenges are Good For You…

Styling challenges generally happen on Instagram or Facebook, or other similar social platforms. They consist of a group, or individual, sending out a post which invites others to dress up for themes, trends, colors, patterns, or, to celebrate, or for a cause, or just for pure fun.  The themes and reasons why, are endless.  

Besides the fact that styling challenges are super fun- Today I’m here to give you my professional opinion as to why these challenges are good for you and why you should absolutely be joining some!

Here are some good enough reasons for you to jump in:

  1. Boosts Creativity:  Challenges force you to look for colors, patterns, etc. that are already in your closet.  Making you put them together in ways you never thought of before. Gets your creative juices flowing.
  2. Favors Style Evolution:  Challenges help push you out of your comfort zone:  This is essential if you want to evolve in your styling.  We sometimes get stuck in a rut simply because we settle into a particular style.
  3. Makes You More Daring:  Enough with the wall-flower attitude!  Challenges help break the ice! Pushes you out of the “I could never do or wear that” attitude.  This is hard to accomplish on your own…but with a good challenge it’s as good a reason as ever to start!
  4. Boosts Awareness:  Challenges can bring out new awareness of styles, trends and more.  It can be a learning experience that teaches you how to style up; what you really like; what you want to portray; what you need to add or take out of your closet…
  5. Perfect Opportunity to Play Dress-Up:  All it is, is an exercise for you to try on things and have fun and play with what you own.  There’s nothing serious about it- it’s just styling up clothes (you’re not applying for a modeling job for Vogue). 
  6. Mood Booster:  Remember how I’ve drilled you on the benefits of Dopamine dressing? How dressing up can improve your mood?  So, this is actually fun which helps boost happiness-and who can’t use a good, no cost picker-upper these days? So why not?
  7. Motivation: Let’s face it- these days we don’t always feel like getting dressed up. Challenges motivate you to get up and style- up!
  8. Inspiration of course! Seeing what others are posting can give you so many ideas that maybe you haven’t thought of before!

It’s all positive! Plus, if you’re still not convinced, just do these challenges without posting online.  Just get dressed on your own and see what you come up with- without posting.  You’ll still reap the benefits😊

However, I strongly suggest that once you start on your own, at some point do try to get online and post as well.  This will give you the affirmation that you did it by giving you that extra push (you got the courage to wear it out there!).  As well, if you’re looking for a fun community to be part of- well, challenges can bring you that as well.  Who knows how many new friends you’ll make (if you want to that is!).

Here are a few of the many of the challenges I’ve joined – and the benefits I’ve reaped from these:

If you follow me on Instagram you might remember this one from @affectionatelyaudrey’s Hodgepodge Challenge. This Challenge pushed me to see how many prints I could mix while still keeping it stylish.
Here’s another- it was a 7 days of dresses challenge given by @clothesandpizza This challenge forced me to wear so many of my dresses! I had been on a jeans and pants rut- so this was so good!
And this! The Diane Keaton Challenge by @annazzon and @imanorbyah This was one of my favourite challenges as I definitely played dress- up here. It forced me to take out clothes I haven’t even looked at in decades. As well, I rediscovered the power of a good suit! Plus this was purely fun (which I needed as a mood changer that particular week). It helped not to take myself so seriously. And- I got so many DM’s of people telling me how they secretly wanted to dress like Keaton and now maybe give it a try. So all worth it!
Maybe you’ll remember this one from my own Wanna-be Kimono Challenge! Creating this challenge was a lot of fun to create. It also helped my styling students come up with so many ideas of their own.

So there you have it! This is my intake for joining styling challenges. Personally, I love them- especially for the inspiration they bring out in me for further looks I create…like this one!

Have you joined any styling challenges yet?  If so, which ones? And- if not…Why not? 

Note:  You can email me or DM me anytime if you need any ideas or where to go for fun challenges.


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24 thoughts on “Why Styling Challenges are Good For You…

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  1. I agree with what you said. I like that challenges push you out off your comfort zone and these days, being creative can be hard, I love that it helps with that too. I haven’t done a fashion challenge but I did a blogging challenge almost two months ago. I hope you are well and staying safe. Happy Wednesday!

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

    1. Hi Maureen! Thanks! Challenges really do what they’re meant to:) Have a great weekend hun xx

  2. I agree Lucy. Style challenges have always stretched me and even pulled me out of style ruts. You always look so cute and stylish. I enjoy seeing your outfits!

    1. You should Mireille- they’re so good! There are some fun ones I follow on Instagram- come check it out there!

  3. I agree! It helps me to think outside the box and use more of my closet. I have done a 30 day challenge before with a few other bloggers and it was a lot of fun… but, the daily pictures were a lot of work!


    1. Hi Carrie:) Yes I agree that if you take on those heavy challenges it can be a lot of work lol! Pacing and just doing some that you like here and there does help! xx

  4. You’re so right Lucy – challenges push us out of our comfort zone and they’re fun. I have a couple of IG ones and I’m in a monthly bloggers challenge – Style Not Age – and it certainly makes me think differently at times.Thanks for joining #WowOnWednesday.

  5. You have made so many fun outfits from challenges! I used to participate in a lot of challenges, not so much now, I’ve been really focusing on my 30 wears goals and what I need to do to hit that on more pieces I already own, that’s keeping me pretty inspired with outfits 🙂

    Thank you for joining the #weekdaywearlinkup! Hope that you had a lovely weekend 🙂 We managed to attend two birthday parties, even though the new restrictions made things a little different!

    1. I love that you do that! I’m all about shopping my closet and trying to promote this the best way I can. Bravo! xx

    1. Good for you! It’s that initial jump that’s hard- but once you’re in you see how fun and beneficial it is for your own creativity:) Thanks Michelle xx

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