Fabulous Friday’s Linkup Party- Canada Day and More Vintage Styling

It was Canada Day on July 1st this week. I’m so proud to be born here and to have had the privilege of my parents coming here as immigrants 70 years ago from Italy. This magnificent country has given us so many opportunities, privileges, rights and all in safety. I’m truly grateful.

That being said, this great country must also be recognized as having had a not so shiny past, a brutal one at that. The past weeks have revealed even more horrific and tragic crimes against our Indigenous People. It’s like a black hole that no one wants to look into of how engulfing it is. Atrocious and deeply saddening.

But of course, this is mainly a fashion blog…and so no doubt you’re expecting some looks. For Canada Day I did not wear my traditional Canada tee. In solidarity and respect for those who lost their lives in residential schools and also the survivors, my thoughts, prayers and a deep need to learn so much more is how I spent most of this day as a Canadian. I also wore Orange.

Last week I told you that I’ve been kind of splurging on some vintage pieces. Well here are some I wore this week!

First up a 60’s vintage jumper by La Retro Girl– check her out! I’ve layered it over a Halston flowy blouse- I just adore the sleeves on this one. The fun hat is by David and Young.

This adorable jumper is by La Retro Girl– she has amazing vintage drops (almost daily)

Next- oh how I love this!! Another fabulous skirt again by La Retro Girl- the print on this is just incredibly bright and uplifting. I styled it with a top I got in Rome, made locally there, a few years ago. The hat you ask? Doesn’t it look like it was made for the outfit? I got this at the Dollarama the other day when I was in there for some knick-knacks. I spotted it and thought of course I’ll be wearing this forever!

Also super excited to have had my Post/ Interview with Sheila of Ephemera Blog chosen for the IFB Roudup!

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But enough about me- it’s time for my FAVOURITE FASHION DIVA of Last week’s Linkup Party!

Hurray for summer dresses! Love this look by Carrie of Curly Crafty Mom. The dress, the tassles and cute bows on the sandals!!

Go check out Carrie’s blog post- as I could not get the photo in right and this doesn’t do it justice!!

My FAVOURITE READ from Last week’s Linkup Party was by Rena of Fine Whatever Blog, for her post on Scams to Avoid. She’s compiled a list!

So many scams out there- Check out her post!

It’s now time for our FABULOUS FRIDAY’S LINKUP PARTY!!

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  1. You look amazing in orange! I think it is important to learn about our country’s history and both in the US and Canada, the Native Americans have been treated atrociously! One of the reasons I love visiting Cherokee in North Carolina last summer is how much we learned and also to support the economy there.

    1. Thank you MIreille- and I completely agree with you about learning more of our history.

    1. Thanks Michelle- some things we just can’t erase or brush off when it comes to history. As for La Retro Girl, even just watching her sales live is entertainment!

  2. Love the orange- and the point it makes. The maxi skirt and hat are adorable. Great retro vibes!

  3. Love your orange outfits! The wrap top looks so good with the striped pants and that is a cute dress!

    Thank you for the link up.

    Hope you are having a good weekend 🙂 Another rainy day here.

    Away From the Blue Blog

    1. Thank you sweet Mica! Hope you are enjoying your week and that it stopped raining! xx

  4. Hi, Lucy – I am impressed by your statement on Canada Day and the lost children of the residential schools. When we have a voice, we should use it. So good for you! You inspired me with your orange outfit and the flowy blouse under the dress. Congratulations on being chosen for this week’s Links a la Mode – Angie, http://www.yourtrueselfblog.com

    1. Thanks so much Angie. Some things we just can’t turn a blind eye to…I do agree that it’s important to raise awareness, especially if we have a forum where we can share. Have a wonderful rest of the week:)

  5. Ooh, that skirt is lovely, and I adore that striped dress, Lucy! I’m more of an in-person shopper and thank goodness, or my closet would be overflowing (oh wait, it already is!).

    I also wore orange on Wednesday, and feel that whenever I wear that colour, I’m showing my solidarity with our indigenous people. My company has been doing Orange Shirt Day for 4-5 years, so I’ve been aware of Canada’s shameful history for some time.

    Happy Canada Day, however. I still feel we need to celebrate all the good things we are as a country. No one’s perfect, but this is our one day to be proud to be Canadian.

    1. I totally with everything you’re saying Sheila. And yes, Canada is an amazing country to be celebrated. I just felt this year that it was just too close to all that we learned. Thanks beautiful:)

  6. Oh, fudge, I didn’t even thank you for the link-ups – so rude! And I linked up three posts, like a greedy-guts, too, lol.

    Take care and have a great weekend, my friend!

  7. Lucy, I don’t know where you find all these amazing vintage pieces and patterns, but they are so SOOO cool!! My mom was Canadian, of English descent, so despite this latest black hole (as you know, we have a number of those here in the US, too), you can be proud of your heritage. Happy Canada Day on the first as we celebrate the 4th of July.

    xx Darlene

    1. Thanks so much Darlene- you are just so amazing. I did celebrate, but very low key this year. Hope you had a wonderful 4th! xx

  8. Lucy, it is unfortunate how the settlers in many countries mistreated the indigenous people to those lands. Canada and the US are not the only ones with these hidden shameful pasts and we all should do our part to continue the efforts of raising awareness. Your efforts are appreciated.


    1. This last reveal was just too horrendous and just too much. Thanks Rena, we are on the same wavelength. Wishing you a great rest of the week xx

  9. Lucy, I love your new hat and these gorgeous vintage finds! All of the bright colors and bold prints are seriously so fun. I have always felt a special connection to the indigenous people of our continent and have always been drawn to so many things about the culture and the history of them. The treatment of indigenous peoples on our entire continent has been absolutely horrific. I really like that you celebrated Canada Day in a way that honors and remembers those lives lost. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, my friend.


  10. Looking fabulous Lucy – thanks for sharing and hosting the #linkup Jacqui x

  11. Well done on wearing orange on Canada Day! I’m loving both of your latest vintage buys. The striped dress looks fabulous worn over that flowy blouse, and that maxi skirt is absolutely stunning! xxx

  12. Again, so many great looks! I thought that the outfit on first photos was actually a maxi dress – the whole look is just so pretty.

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