Fabulous Friday’s Linkup Party!

So September came knocking…and I am still so unprepared. No way ready to let go of summer…I’m just not good with good-byes (I love warm weather!). In any case, my styling’s gotta keep up! So transitioning it is!

The great thing about orange is that it’s the easiest colour to carry on from season to season. So here I am in what is definitely a summer romper, but because of the colour, it’s a no brainer for me to wear it throughout fall as well. Can’t you just picture it with a cool pair of tights? Today though I’m styling it up with these amazing shoes- in a suede that totally feels like I’m walking on clouds. Italian shoes that I purchased over 20 years ago at a pretty price. But it just goes to prove that when you buy quality, it lasts. The look and style-so very intemporal.

Here’s the 1 min clip of me styling it up:

One exciting thing though about season changes in fashion is that it can get your styling mojo up and running again. I’m super excited by the whole aspect of getting to layer beautiful garments again (something not so easily achieved during the hot weather). As well, the deeper colours and prints bring such a sense of warmth and uber chicness even if just wearing jeans. For Wednesday’s look, I slowly brought out my darker hues and styled up a fun print mix in greens, black and florals. Loved the way this outfit turned out.

The other thing I love for transitioning into any season: Silk. That’s right. Silk is cool in the summer and insulating when the weather is cooler. The perfect fabric. You can’t go wrong!

This was typically my ‘online’ teaching outfit. What a busy week! Here I am in my home fashion workshop area (one of the closets lol!)- sporting my Peepers of course!

Stay tuned next week for lots of new looks, a Stylish Monday collab, some crochet and so much more!

Now though…it’s time for MY FAVOURITE FASHION DIVA from last week’s Linkup Party! Drum Roll…

Shelbee of Shelbee On The Edge!

Candy Crush outfit, Fab 40s, bright outfit, thrifted style, fashion over 40, Shelbee on the Edge
So many delicious details in this outfit!

My absolute FAVOURITE READ from last week’s Linkup Party was by

Debbie of Your Styled Life for her post: Every Day Is A Celebration~Why Getting Dressed Matters

And you know how much I believe this!! Goes hand in hand with my Dopamine Styling mantra!!

why getting dressed matters
And can we just stop a moment and obsess over this fabulous duster!!!

It’s now Party Time!!!


You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!


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Have a great weekend everyone! Bonne fin de semaine tout l’monde!

Bisous xx

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  1. Lucy, thanks so much for the feature this week! It has planted a big ole smile on my face today! I am loving your outfit combinations so much. Orange and pink is such a joyful combination. And the prints in your blues and greens are magnificent together! I hope you have a marvelous weekend!


    1. Thank you! Love featuring you! And I notice you are on so many blogs this week- love seeing you everywhere! Have a marvelous weekend too!

      1. I’d wear silk night and day, every day! And the Peepers are so fun! Thanks Gail- have a wonderful weekend xx

    1. Thanks Rena! I can’t wait to actually style it up with some fun tights and see how that turns out. Orange and pink are so good together- I’m totally on board. Dropping by tomorrow on your blog xx

  2. Debbie’s post was wonderful – thank you for linking to it!

    Lucy, you are just so awesome – I adore those pink shoes, and need them in my wardrobe STAT! I mean, I have pink shoes, but not those pink shoes! I so agree; buy quality! It will last forever and feels amazing on. Wonderful outfits – what a great trick for the top in the belt!

    Thank you so much for the link-party!

    1. Oh thanks so much beautiful Sheila! I’ve had those shoes forever and they actually feel like dance shoes, so malleable and comfy. And it’s so funny because I’m just back from popping by your blog and gushing over your blue shoes lollll! We ought to trade stuff at some point! xx

    1. I’m surprised that orange isn’t one of your go-to colours, considering all the gorgeous other tones you style up! YOu must add some to your collection beautiful Jess!

  3. LOVE your Mary Janes. I totally agree about buying a few quality items. Mine are lilac suede pumps. I love finding reasons to wear them! Love your blouse tuck tip, Lucy! Thanks,

    xx Darlene

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