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I don’t know about you, but when I think travel, I rarely think business- my mind goes straight to vacation mode. And that means going somewhere on a beach! The beach holds such special memories for me. It’s always been my happy place, in every different stage of my life.

What I cherish most are my Italian summers from birth right into my 20’s; Greece summers as I got married and still ongoing; and of course our Florida home- the yearly summer and school break vacations. It still continues to be my go-to, and even more now that I’m almost retired. Then there was the odd beach trip here and there that also warrants mention, such as California, Long Island, Wildwood, Algonquin, and of course the south of France. Yup, the beach is where my heart’s at!

When Jane chose the theme of travel outfits it immediately reminded me of overseas trips or holidays. I couldn’t help styling up this dreamy, light and breezy jumpsuit. I found it for literally nothing at an op shop near me. Like who on earth would even think of giving up this perfectly gorgeous gem? But honestly, I’m ecstatic that someone did- Greece vibes for me!

The soft palette and thigh-high slits make it deliciously flirtatious while keeping it classy…just the right amount of oumf! I love how it almost creates a trail as I walk. I’m feeling like a goddess in this outfit! Yup this one is definitely following me to Greece next summer.

Now let’s go check out what my Thrifty Six Sisters styled up!

Emma of Style Splash

“When I was packing for my holiday to Barbados I went up in the loft to look for some shorts…which still elude me. However, I did rediscover this very old vest top that someone gave to me many years ago. The colours remind me of a Bajan sunset so I threw it in my case and ended up wearing it for a visit to the beautiful Hunte’s Gardens and Welchman Hall Gully where we got married 12 years ago.” 

Grace of Graceful Rags

“When I heard this month’s theme was ‘Inspired by Travel’, my mind immediately started racing with visions of Parisian chic looks, tropical accessories, easy floral dresses perfect for the Tuscan countryside… But as I started to picture outfits I could create using pieces from my own closet, I realized none of the looks incorporated secondhand items, ha! I had forgotten the whole point of the collaboration… I shifted gears and decided to embrace a much cozier option inspired by a recent vacation of my own—the mountain getaway I took to Breckenridge a few weekends ago! Yes, it might not be as romantic as some of the European-inspired outfits I was imagining, but the girls I saw in Breck were sporting some very cute sweaters and booties, making me very excited for fall. It was the perfect excuse to break out my secondhand camo button-down!” 

Jane of Preloved-Vintage-Handmade

Sapphire from the Central Country…
‘Inspired by Travel’ is this month’s theme for the Thrifty Six…
Memories of my time in China have always been precious to me.
Beautiful fashion, architecture, landscapes and the strange mist that often veils the sky…
…it all fascinates and inspires me.
This vintage robe reminds me of those seen at the infamous Hong Kong night market.
It’s my pure silk, sapphire from the Central Country and I’ll always treasure it!” 

Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style

“When Jane emailed the theme for this month, inspired by travel, I knew immediately what to wear. We actually only travel by car, because I can’t fly because of my lung disease. And our absolute favourite country is England. So it would be something I’ve worn a lot there or something I’ve bought there! And the latter is the case. We have been going to Sussex almost all the time in recent years and often go shopping in Lewes. Such a very pleasant town with beautiful antiques and second-hand shops. And in one of those shops I found this Diane von Furstenberg dress.” 

Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge

“I found this fun maxi skirt last year on a thrifting adventure and never wore it. Until now! The floral and geometric print along the bottom reminds me of some far off exotic paradise. While I didn’t travel far wearing this outfit, I did wear it recently for a historic church walking tour in a nearby town that is celebrating its sesquicentennial this year. My long minty green duster was also thrifted and worn a bunch of times already. I love the way they paired together for an easy comfortable bohemian travel look.” 

The Stylish Thrifters:

The Thrifty Six 

We’re a group of international fashion influencers; each month we style an outfit based around a theme. We show how pre-loved fashion creates killer looks to totally smash fast fashion! We aim to inspire others, promote sustainability and have a lot of fun!

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  1. I agree, Lucy! How could someone let that jumpsuit go? Perhaps they don’t have gorgeous legs like yours!!! When I think of vacations, I usually think of museums…yup…the nerd in me prefers museums to beaches! I think it’s because I’ve yet to go on a beach vacation where I just got to sit in the shade with my feet in the water and enjoy myself like all of those people on the commercials!!! Oh, well!

    1. Oh Marsha you’re so sweet! Thank you! As for museums- I love those too for when I travel in cities. But you’ve got to make time for a beach getaway- there’s nothing more revitalizing (especially the feet in the water part!). xx

  2. Lucy, this jumpsuit is really gorgeous and such a special piece! I am with you…who in the world would discard such a magnificent gem?! But fortunately for you, they did! And it looks stunning on you, my friend. Perfect for all the beach vacations!


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