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When all they see is what’s on the surface…show them something to talk about! Not sure if this is already a quote, or if I just came up with that- but I’m using it!

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The Layered Effect…

For many of us, fall weather is already in full gear- and it’s the perfect time to style up our outer layers. And as many Northern girls know, this is also the beginning of months where all you get to see is mostly what we layer over our clothes. So jackets, coats, blazers- are important showpieces during this time of year and for the months to come; because for the most part that’s all you get to see on us!

Layered Effect in Warm Climates?

But what if you’re living in a warmer climate? Spending some time in Florida these past weeks had me thinking about outer-layer-styling quite a bit. The weather here is still super hot, so how is layering possible you ask?

Well for one thing, even if it’s hot outside- all indoor places are freezing cold due to the strong AC lol! So that’s a perfect reason for me to layer up even in such hot weather. When out and about, bringing a jacket, such as this white cotton zip-up, is not only practical for the cold indoors- but still light in color and fabric to lug around. But as a look- let’s face it, it’s pretty basic and even a little blah.

I need something that’s more of a dopamine vibe, you know that! So, better than a jacket or blazer, I’ve been enjoying wearing cover-ups as layering pieces. This super gorgeous one by Laundry is perfect- and now we’re talking.

You’ll agree it’s quite the show piece with its array of pinks, blues and mustards. It’s a show stopper- and that’s what your outer/ or layering piece should be- since for the most, that’s all they’ll get to see! Make it worth it!

Here are some similar cover-ups I’m loving:

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How are you layering pieces in your neck of the woods? Showstoppers anyone?

Ready for a LINKUP?

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Have a great weekend everyone-Bisous!

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  1. I really appreciate that you are addressing one of my perennial issues as someone who loves fall layers, but moved to Arizona 30+ years ago (though I am lucky to spend the end of summer and the beginning of fall in Oregon, near my daughter’s family, so I get a taste of early fall here.) I have learned to use the light layers, as you suggest! I would add that for me, if I can incorporate autumnal colors in my light layers it really helps me feel like I am properly in the season, even when I am in southern Arizona!

  2. I still have summer in my head Lucy, while it’s already pretty cold here. But I love layering! And I need to get my leopard coat out!

  3. Oooh, that is a fabulous cover up, Lucy! The colors are extraordinary together and you know how I love a good dramatic topper piece! I need more of these cover ups in winter fabrics!


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