Is Covid Responsible for my Ever-Growing DIY Compulsion?

I believe so.  As if I weren’t already obsessed enough with transformations, here I go with even more of an excuse: Time.

Time- that luxury we crave.  The obsession of never having enough of it.  Well, now that we are forced to making some…we start packing it all in.  I’ve mentioned before how we gotta be careful with this feeling of always needing to be busy- READ that Article here.

This time however, I won’t be blaming myself for induging in compulsive behaviour, I’m just gonna blame it all on Covid.  Or rather…my personal cure to stop-obsessing about Covid!  How do I do that?  I re-style, re-purpose, re-love, re-wear, re-fashion my clothes!

I’m getting a clearer vision of what it is I want to wear; what I need to wear; what I feel happy wearing- and then: Out come the scissors!

This time I’ve changed up an animal print, turtle-neck dress…into a Cardi!  But there’s more!  I’ve incorporated a scarf (just in case I want that option), and a turban (or headband) as well!

This dress is cute…but a bit limiting (I’m too warm in it- it suffocates me!) So, layering is the last thing I want to do with this one…So: A-Chopping-it-will-go!
What a difference! And so many possibilities…
Can you see that the scarf is an integral part of it…
I linked the scarf through the two openings I slit…
Oh…and also made use of this turban…

Wanna see how I worked this DIY and styled the whole look? You can watch the process here:

What have you been DIYing?

#Confessionoftheday: My compulsion is real. But it’s healthy, right?

This Week’s Favourite Fashion Styling Diva is: Maddy! Check her out on Instagram:

No but Seriously…all her looks are this COOL!!

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15 thoughts on “Is Covid Responsible for my Ever-Growing DIY Compulsion?

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  1. Well done, what a clever person your are. Would love to try something like this. Jacqui x

  2. Great job! I consider myself creative/musical, but I am not a crafty person! YOu have the eye for transforming your clothes. I love how you made the dress a jacket and it looks wonderful. I love red with leopard and the scarf is a perfect print for it.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    1. Oh that means so much to me coming from such an Uber fashionista like you! Thank you!! It’s so simple though once you start altering- especially when you are already a creative.

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