Fabulous Friday’s Linkup – Mother’s Day the Highlight of May!

I love everything about May! It became super special 35 years ago when I got married in this glorious month. And then, thanks to my first born, I earned my new title and every year since, I’m super excited to be celebrating Mother’s Day.

It’s not like we do anything special per se- it’s just that I feel so blessed to have my kids around me on this day. We usually spend part of the day together (of course that includes lots of food- except that finally on this day, I’m not the one cooking it!).

But along with my happiness, my morning usually begins with deep melancholy…I miss my own Mom, so much. It’s been 5 years since she’s passed on, and I think of her daily- but on Mother’s Day it really hits home. It’s become my tradition to drive to her resting place and bring her flowers and a coffee…Makes me feel like we’re having a moment together like old times.

Here she was 88 and passed away tragically from a fall a few weeks after this pic was taken

I also love that when I get there – usually late morning- a flower bed of geraniums has already been freshly planted. It’s the giveaway sign that my brother showed up very early in the morning- way before I got there- to plant this yearly flower for her. It’s lovely, it’s reminiscent but also bitter sweet. The pain is real – as I depart, remembering the beautiful words she’d say to me when we’d kiss goodbye. Those precious words. So I smile and feel the weight slowly lifting from me… she would want it this way.

So that’s pretty much my Mother’s Day routine


As for styling; I find long dresses to be the most flattering of garments- and if that comes with a great colour scheme and print- well I’m a goner for dressing it up to the max!

Let’s move on now to some Oh- So- Fashionable Divas!

My 3 favourites from last week’s Linkup: Jill from Doused in Pink

how to rock bright pink this season
This popping pink- top and sandals is just too good!

And another Fashionable Diva: Here’s Nancy from Nancy’s Fashion Style

Without Thinking & Fancy Friday linkup
I adore a slinky skirt with sneakers!!

And yet another! Michelle of My Bijou Life!

Royal blue pattern mixing
This blue is just too good- beautifully styled!!

My Favourite Read from the Linkup was : A Great Regime for Thinning Hair, by Darlene of Aquamarine

Bold and Casual Paisley Dress

So Ladies- Are you ready to Linkup and Party??!!!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!



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34 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday’s Linkup – Mother’s Day the Highlight of May!

Add yours

    1. Thanks for your kind words Mireille – yes, you really have to make time…life just flies by and before you know it…

  1. Thanks for sharing about your mom, your emotions, and how you honor her with flowers and coffee. I am fortunate to still have my mom (she’s 75), and I dread the day I will lose her.

    That dress is absolutely amazing! I love it! Such a funky geometric pattern.

    And thank you so much for the feature! What an honor!


  2. That maxi dress is beautiful on you! Love the retro print 🙂

    Sorry to hear about your mum though, it’s nice your routine for the day still includes time with her in whatever way you can. It sounds like a lovely tradition

    Thanks for the link up 🙂

    Hope that you have a nice weekend ahead of you!

  3. Lucy, thanks so much for featuring my post! I SO appreciate it. I lost my mom when she was much younger but I still miss her, so I know how you feel. But they are still a BIG part of our lives, right? I wish you a fabulous Mother’s Day. Wear this adorable jumpsuit!

    xx Darlene

    1. Thank you so much sweet Darlene! Wishing you a great Mother’s Day too xx

  4. They way you described your Mother’s Day morning…you took us there with you. No shock that I cried. Always sending you love & light❤️
    And that dress: wooww!!
    We’re all lucky to have you in our lives✨ Happy Mother’s Day mama Lucy 🌸💘

    1. What a ray of sunshine you truly are in our family. I’m the luckiest!! Love you Faith xx

  5. What a beautiful honor to your mother. And you are wearing such a gorgeous dress. Thanks for the feature, means the world to me!

  6. Aw, Lucy, I love this beautiful tribute to your mom. Mother’s Day has never been the same for me since my own mother passed away in 2006. Even after I had children of my own, I never much cared for the day. I love that you visit your mom’s resting place with flowers and coffee. That is such a beautiful and heart warming tradition. I just noticed the other day when I was mowing my lawn that my yard has an overabundance of violets popping up all over it. It was like a field of green and purple (and yellow from all the dandelions, too). But all the violets struck me because they were my mother’s favorite flower. She even got a tattoo of a violet just before she passed away. We were planning to treat our lawn so all of these blooms do not pop up everywhere, but now I am growing to appreciate it as a message from my mom and so I might just keep my weedy yard now! I hope you have a very special Mother’s Day, my friend! Oh, and I love this dress! So fun!


    1. Oh what a lovely message those violets!! I totally believe in such signs!!! Heart-warming- thanks so much Shelbee xx

  7. Happy Mother’s Day and such a wonderful post about your mom. They always have the bst place in our heart, And I love the dress! You look wonderful indeed! Thank you sooo much for joining us at #OMHGWW

  8. That is dress is absolutely gorgeous. You look wonderful.
    Sorry to hear about your mom. It’s sweet that your brother plants flowers for her every year.

  9. Here in the UK Mother’s Day is in March, and for the second year running I wasn’t able to see my mum, who’s 88, as she lives a long way away and we are in lockdown. Hopefully I will see her next month. I know how special the mother/daughter bond is and can understand your loss around the bittersweet feelings of Mothers Day xx

    1. Oh that must be so terrible to know she’s there and you can’t go to her! Fortunately we do have some comfort in using our platforms- I hope you at least get to facetime her. Thanks for your kind words xx

  10. I’m sorry about your mom Lucy. It’s lovely that you have the same routine every Mother’s Day. Your dress is beautiful! I just bought a vintage maxi dress in the same colours on eBay. Thanks for joining in the #stylewithasmile link up!

    Emma xxx

    1. Thank you Emma:) And I told you we have the same taste! Can’t wait to see that dress!

  11. So sorry about your Mom. I do love your tradition. My mom has been with us since the beginning of Covid.
    That dress is a wonderful print and looks great on you. I love maxis too, as they look elegant. Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!
    jess xx

  12. This is so lovely…bittersweet and beautiful Lucy. I envisioned your morning ritual completely. Thank you for sharing that. As for the fashion, I love the fun pattern. I thought about you when I struggled with a new dress I had…it needs adjusting…oh to know what lucy knows. 😉

    1. Thanks sweet Chrissy- I appreciate it xx And you made me laugh with your dress struggles!

  13. Aw, I’m so sorry that you lost your mom – sending you good vibes, my dear. We spent Saturday at my mom’s place, and I’ve become so much more aware and thankful for the time I have with her. I actually wrote her a long letter, thanking her for all the good things I got from her during my life – told her not to read it while my family was there. She called me that night – she’d read it multiple times and was so thankful.

    Love your wonderful vintage dress here – please ship it to me in Victoria ASAP, please! ;-P

    1. Oh you made me choke up. That is so precious about the letter- I ‘m so happy you did this- it’s the loveliest of actions. Love it so much!

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