Stylish Monday – Ruffles and Frills

I’m so excited by this new blogger collaboration bringing you fashion and styling with a creative monthly theme every 2nd Monday of the month. These ladies are fabulous and I’ve been following them for awhile- and now am so honoured to be amongst them!

This Monday our theme is Ruffles and Frills!

There can be so many variations to what we consider ruffles…so, in reality, anything frilly goes! In my opinion, ruffles are fashion’s way of telling you not to take styling too seriously- lighten up!  Loving this ruffle theme- so freeing (and it also helps that this blouse is in my very favourite Spring colour)!  

So here’s what I’ve styled up:

And now let’s see what my fashionable friends styled up!

Amy – Amy’s Creative Pursuits – “I always like it when clothing items have a little extra detail added to them.  The ruffle on the bottom of this chambray skirt is flirty and fun!  It wouldn’t be as interesting if it was just a typical A-line skirt.

Suzanne – Ask Suzanne Bell – Flirty and fun, ruffles add a touch of femininity to any outfit, which is something I’m looking for these days. Whether it’s an extra flounce on a dress or skirt or a big ruffle on top, give it a try and enjoy a little extra spring in your step all day long!

Nancy –  Nancy’s Fashion Style – This is my beloved ruffle blouse. It’s a old one and I don’t wear it often, but those ruffles are so perfect to me. And I love the color combination and the kind a preppy look, but the punky feel that the blouse gives me. I need a black one too, of course. But this one, although it’s not my favorite color, has the perfect ruffles. The only thing that I need from a black blouse are ruffles at the cuffs! So if you happen to see one, give me a sign!

Andy – Pearls and Pantsuits – I’ll confess, ruffles aren’t exactly my thing, since I don’t really need any extra fluff on my already fluffy pear shaped body! This top has a delicate ruffle detail around the wrist, and the floral print adds the touch of romance that is so big this season.

Nicole – High Latitude Style – I am not a ruffle person. Thus, this dress is just a tryout of the current trend. The plan was to cut the ruffle off if I wouldn’t like it. I am still undecided whether to cut or not to cut it off. What do you think?

Emma – The Style Splash – I love ruffles and frills – especially on blouses – because they add a bit of drama to an outfit. I bought this red one a few years ago in a sale and never get bored with it.

Julie – Fashion Trends and Friends and Instagram FashionTandF –  Ruffles add details and interest!  I’m all about them both big and small. They make an impact and elevate an outfit!

Shelbee – Shelbee on the Edge – I don’t have a lot of ruffled things in my wardrobe, but I do love the dramatic flounce that can often be found in kimono styles. Big flared bell sleeves and a wide flounce at the bottom of a mixed pattern kimono paired with a denim mermaid skirt seemed to fit the theme this month.

Ada – Elegance and Mommyhood – This lovely yellow dress has been in my closet for over a decade (it’s by Express). I wore it to our Florida vacation last year. Since the “challenge” was all about ruffles and flounce I decided to go full steam with this fully-ruffled dress. It reminds me a little bit of the 20s from a century ago.

Brigitte – Brigitte Marie Foret Blog & @brigittemarieforet on Instagram – I love incorporating ruffles into my everyday looks, because they add a subtle femininity to any outfit. Ruffles possess the ability to transform any basic garment into an elevated statement piece. Whether worn during the week, or for a special occasion, ruffles are definitely an element of clothing that I enjoy wearing.

Next month also look out for these ladies’ styling: Gwen – Gwen Lives Well and Instagram – GwenLivesWell – Michele – On Instagram as Seechele_styles, Nina – Sharing a Journey


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22 thoughts on “Stylish Monday – Ruffles and Frills

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  1. The color of your top is gorgeous and I adore the pattern in your skirt as well. Yours is a great example of how subtlety can go a long way when it comes to ruffles.


    1. Thank you so much Rena- I appreciate it! I totally forgot to mention that I made the skirt from a canvas textile swatch that I had lying around…and wasn’t sure whether to turn it into a dishcloth or what?!! hahaha!

  2. I love this outfit, Lucy! But even more, I love your attitude about ruffles! You are so fun and whimsical and our clothing should make us feel super happy! I think this ruffle theme did exactly that for all of us! Fun, fun, fun. So great to have you in this group, my friend!


    1. Oh thanks!!! So happy to be in yet another fashionable and fun group with you!!! How lucky for me!!

    1. Thanks! I didn’t mention it here…but I actually made that skirt from a canvas fabric swatch (from swatches I use to teach my fibres and textile courses hahaha!). xx

  3. Lucy!

    Love your fabulous blouse and skirt! I think your interpretation of this month’s theme is spot on and so creative! I’m thrilled to have you joining us and look forward to all our collaborations to come!

    Julie xo

  4. This is such a cute outfit on you! I love the colour combo and that pastel pink is so pretty for spring! Great theme!

    Hope you are having a good weekend 🙂 Thank you for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkUp!

    Away From Blue

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