The Thrifty Six: Fool’s Gold!

This month’s theme is one that I adore! Give me a glitter or shine theme and I’m all in.

So…What could be better for a Leo girl than styling up some gold?!  Right in my element with this shiny tube top layered under a lamé jacket- paired with cutest teeny purse!  Can never pass up gold finds on my thrill of the thrift hunts!

Now let’s see how my thrifty friends are showcasing their Fool’s Gold.

The Thrifty Six is a group of international fashion influencers who meet once a month in our little space on the internet to share our thrifty outfits. On the third Monday of every month, we will all share an outfit based on a theme that features preloved wardrobe pieces. Shopping and reselling preloved clothing is so much better for the environment and you can find some of the best fashions in thrift or charity shops. The Thrifty Six are here to inspire you to shop second hand! 

The Thrifters:

Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge

I had forgotten about this amazing gold satin blouse with little leopards all over it that I had found on my last thrifting adventure. So this was the winner for a Fool’s Gold theme! I paired it with a recently thrifted faux leather mini skirt in burgundy (with silver zipper and buckles…I wish they were gold!). I also had a thrifted gold sequined clutch, but I couldn’t decide between 3 different bags so I photographed the outfit with all 3. Stop by my blog and tell me which one is best! I loaded up on gold accessories—all fake costume gold…just like fool’s gold!

Emma of Style Splash

Style Splash

“I was really stuck for something gold that’s preloved – which surprised me given how much I buy second hand. But then I remembered this sequin dress that I bought on eBay a couple of years ago. I wore it for another Thrifty Six theme last year, along with the same earrings and shoes…that’s being really thrifty I guess!”


Grace of Graceful Rags

Graceful Rags

“I went thrifting a lot in the past month—and in Las Vegas no less—but I couldn’t find anything gold that I absolutely loved. I ended up wearing this hand-me-down gold threaded mock-neck for a super chic outfit, something I could see myself wearing to New York Fashion Week if I was cool enough. I stood in front of the mirror a long time trying to decide if the gold top clashed with the brown shorts, but I ultimately thought it was a stylish combo. And of course, I had to top the outfit off with my favorite shoes ever—snakeskin Valentino Rockstud dupes. I felt like a million bucks!”


Jane of Preloved-Vintage-Handmade

Jane of Preloved-Vintage-Handmade

“All that glitters is not gold…sometimes worthless things sparkle – but true quality has brilliance! In life and in fashion, the difference is clear! This dress is pure silk, rich and magnificent…It’s enough, it needs no more; no synthetic spangle, no vulgar bling. Less is more, a triumph for the understated! So…do you know shit from Shinola? – Can you tell Pyrite from Aurum? Know it at a glance and know you have style!”


Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style

Nancy's Fashion Style

“This is my birthday month. The 31st. So I actually wanted a theme with my zodiac sign, Virgo. But no matter how I searched, I couldn’t find a connection anywhere for my zodiac sign and a pre-loved outfit. I could have done a photo of a dress and dustpan and dustpan in hand, because everywhere it says that the virgin is very tidy, and that’s true, but I didn’t like that very much. And then I got to gold, and then to fools gold. Gold, because I love clothes with gold, gold boots, gold buttons, gold thread etc. And fools gold because I bought this dress a long time ago and I don’t know how to style it. So the dress kinda fools me.”

Tune in next month for another fun styling theme by the Thrifty Six- Enjoy the rest of August my Lovies! Bisous xx

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  1. Such a great theme! I adore gold – from my gold leather pants to multiple pairs of gold shoes! But my most treasured gold item is my Stephen Burrows disco dress/top, from the 80s. It’s a museum-worthy treasure.

    Hope your week goes well, Lucy!

    1. Gold is an absolute favourite of mine too! And I loved guest posting for you!! Thanks Carrie xx

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